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Manual stretching immediately after extending

Manual stretching immediately after extending

I’m noticing there is a small window when it’s noticably easier to stretch the penis manually when coming straight from an extender. If I wait 5 minutes the opportunity is lost and the penis seems less yielding to the stretch. I’m now doing 5 minutes or so of manual stretching each time I remove the extender and I try to remove it every hour to 90 mins then put it right back on again.

I never tried stretching after wearing my extender, but I know the feeling you mean- it sounds like a good idea, as long as you don’t end up overdoing things.

Are you giving yourself enough time for circulation to properly recover?

How many hours you getting in with the extender? I used to do couple of jelqs before putting on extender and one or two stretcher after not many though.

I find it easier to wear my extender right after doing my jelq exercises. I would do jelqs and then take a hot shower and then wear the extender for a couple or more hours. It stays on longer compared to not jelqing beforehand. Maybe it is vice versa. I noticed I get a much better stretch this way.

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I try to do 6hrs of extender in the evening 5 days on 2 off, or 2on1off2on2off. I experience no circulation problems since it’s a vacuum extender. I don’t attempt any manual stretching until I do some extending first. It just seems to take longer and involve more manhandling of the dick to get a good deep stretch if I do manuals first. It also seems pointless for manual stretching sessions to be longer than necessary since this just means more skin stress, more vein restriction, and more swelling. Straight out of the extender the shaft has the minimum girth so is easier to manual stretch. I measure my stretched flaccid just as I’m finishing one of these brief sessions and it’s definitely showing a good but temporary boost in length. I find jelqing doesn’t complement manual stretching. It causes some swelling of the smooth muscle and means you have to manhandle your dick more to get that deep stretch. I do only light jelqing on my off days just to boost circulation.

You dont realy have to take days off if your extending. I found if I had couple of days off the ligs started to go tight.

I don’t work the ligs. I only extend straight up. Don’t want my ligs stretched because I don’t want my erect dick to drop below the horizontal. I take saturday and sunday off coz it’s saturday and sunday, the time to live a little.

Ok I dint not no about how it could effect you that way mine stand up fine and I only extendered straight down. Yes you have that right there my freind I live for the weekend party while we can.

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