Manual Stretching Advice Please


Since beginning PE about two weeks ago, I have been using manual stretching as a part of my routine 4-5 days per week. Piss pulls 3-5 times daily as well as a 2X5 minute session bookend with 20 minute jelqing, warm up and down. I find that the most accessible area to grip the stretch is just behind and underneath the glans with subsequent digits following down the shaft on the underside. The thumb is placed atop the glans which leads to some significant pressure applied to the glans. Normal? I apply the stretch in all different directions of course for a period of around 15 seconds with piss pulls and 30 seconds during a workout. Do you consider this effective or should the stretch be applied farther back from the glans. I remember being advised in the newbie routine to be aprox 1 inch behind glans during stretch. If I understand correctly then the closer to the glans the more lig work, farther back will mean tunica work. Please advise.