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Manual stretches may cause damage if done incorrectly.


Manual Stretching has permanently F’d me up 11 months ago with no recovery in sight. My shaft is less than 50% of how it used to feel. I don’t get any morning wood, or spontaneous erections. I did a light stretch about 5-7 days ago, and now my glans is at about 50% (it was about 100% before then, despite my shaft being rubbery for the 11 months). Something is not to be messed with in there guys (at least for some of us). Now my d1ck is less-reliable, less-responsive (requiring more physical manipulation and stronger mental stimulation), and about 50% as sensitive as it once was.

This problem is real guys.
And it sucks being where I am now just because of some very firm/controlled manual stretching.

Ah the man himself.


You are the guy both I and Shetland were referring to (or at least the guy I was referring to). The one guy I’ve heard of who has injured himself badly with manual stretches. Just to link up threads for the sake of completion:

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A couple of things surprise me. One that you haven’t been to a doctor (no medical coverage) and that you tried stretching again (5-7 days ago) to find that your head went numb.

I don’t know what you’ve done to yourself. Damaging the major nerves is an injury you don’t quickly recover from, nerve regrowth is a slow thing if it happens properly. As Thunder has said, you need to see a doc. This is your one and only dick, you need to make sure you are doing everything to promote recovery.


Piss away all you want.

My point is that you are building a theory based on a single case study (hardcastle) and your experience of minor injury (i.e. not severing the path major nerve). If you are a trained medical doctor or an experimental physicist, you’d know this is a bad plan.

It makes sense for everyone to be careful but your idea of being careful (buy a Redi stretcher) is my idea of what is likely to fuck up guys new to PE. The hand is by far the most delicate instrument available to PE with.

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Why are condescendingly referring to me as the man?

Are you that heartless and unconcerned with the injury?
Do you have a problem believing me?

WTF is your deal man? This is no smear campaign.

I stretched lightly (about as tight as when you test for LOT) 5-7 days ago. This is 11 months after the damaging stretch.

What exactly are you offering as far as help?
Are you just going to refer me to a doctor?
If so can you let somebody else come in and share their experience/advice having (hopefully) been thru a similar situation as me.

I don’t need you to be hunting my posts down and criticizing me for posting in multiple threads dealing with the same/similar topic.

PLZ man. If you can’t help I don’t need you to talk down about me posting.

>Why are condescendingly referring to me as the man?<

You’re inferring condescension where there is none. You’re probably one of the reasons this thread exists and you’ve been mentioned in it, hence the sobriquet.

>Do you have a problem believing me?<

Frankly, yes.

I know if I had ever injured my sick badly through PE, nothing in this world would have stopped me from getting as much advice as possible. I could imagine visiting several doctors and refusing to let the matter rest until I had the best advice possible. I care about my dick that much.

Then there’s the fact that you started posting on this issue 11 months after the injury, when you know - if you’ve read any of the threads on serious injury - the first advice is to go to see a doctor and be as open with the doctor as possible. You’re part of a penis enlargement forum but you don’t post for advice when you receive the injury? If you had you would have received that advice then.

Then there’s the fact that in several of your posts you’ve mentioned stretching again and getting worse. You would think that if you’d been caused permanent injury by stretching, the last thing you would do is stretch again.

Then there’s the fact that you’ve posted the same information in so many threads.

So, yes, there is some faint whiff but I hope you are on the level and maybe just confused about your options here. This is your option: seek medical advice. It’s a good option and one you’ll see repeated to you again in another thread you’ve posted about this issue in:

8inlover - Info on Nerve Damage

Beg, borrow, steal (OK maybe not steal). Go see a doc, preferrably a urologist.

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Originally Posted by Shetland_Pony
This has turned into a pissing contest and I don’t know why. This was supposed to be a benign post but whatever.

Thanks for sharing you’re experience Shetland. You’ve presented in a matter-of-fact, non-sensationalist way and I certainly think it’s appropriate.

IMO, manual stretching is perhaps the safest exercise with the least amount of potential for injury. That said, the possibility remains, and on occasion for whatever the reason people do still hurt themselves.

Point taken. Duly noted. Newbies be careful.

Hardcastle, don’t take this the wrong way, but if it’s because of the cost of a doctor, I’ll give you $50 toward a consultation. I can send it via Paypal. You can’t continue in pain like this.

Don’t turn me down if you think I am simply making this offer out of pity/charity - it’s out of self-interest, this forum needs as much information as possible on injuries/treatments, especially for us newbies.

Hi Guys, I am fairly new at PE and have already injured myself just by jelqing and stretching. I immediately felt it when it happened. I was jelqing with my right hand and was at the end of my pull. I felt a sting and then a burning sensation. It got my attention to be sure. It burned the rest of the day and the following day it turned into pain and it will itch at times. It is still hurting and if I try to jelq when I hit the spot I have to stop. I don’t know what I did, maybe I tore something inside of my dick, I just don’t know. I have heard of guys breaking their dicks before by getting carried away and pulling it out too far and then missing the hole. Having to go to the hospital to have surgery afterwards. I hope I haven’t damaged my penis to the point of having to do something like that though. I can feel a small knot right where it hurts at. I guess I could have ruptured one of those chambers inside my dick but wouldn’t it be bruised. Is it possible to see if your dick is bruised. That is if you don’t damage the skin, just your dick under the skin. Anyway if someone knows anything about what has happened to me some help would be appreciated. Thanks, Danni


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