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Manual stretch with the bib HAnger

Manual stretch with the bib HAnger

Hard gainer here. I took off the straps off of the bib hardcore and use a 1” pvc as a fulcrum. Found baby powder is essential for easing skin abrasions. Basically I twist 90 degrees either left or right sides and pull the hanger down over the pvc with my hand with varying strength as per comfort level 20-30 minutes per set. Gained .5” in a month. Hanging weights didn’t do anything for me. Using my hands I can feel the tunica and I can apply force accordingly. Always start with minimal strength and increase the force incrementally. Towards the 15 min mark you can pull the hanger over the pvc with extreme force. Sometimes I can feel the collagens stretching. I can feel the snapping of the tunica. Not every set but I try to reach this daily. Dick is dis colored and bruised but always heals up. EQ is great too. Currently 6.25 x 6 BPEL so length is hard to come by. For me it’s all about controlled damage. Start low and finish with full force.


How many of these 20-30 mn sets do you perform a day? What part of the tunica is stretched? I’m guessing the left and right side near the base?

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