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Manual Stretch experiment

Manual Stretch experiment

I have decided to stick to just manual stretching. I’ve been P.E ing since March and had zero gains, only a short time I know so I’m not giving up just yet.

I really don’t like jelqing though so I’m doing about 25 mins of stretching a day. I never really payed too much attention to stretching before but I started last week properly.

I just want to keep a record to help myself and anyone else who is interested in stretching.

I’m really dedicated to this so I hope it pays off and brings me to my target of 7”bp (currently 6.5”bp). Anyway, less typing,more stretching, there’s a half an inch to be had out there.

How are you doing your stretches?
I’m always worried that I’m gripping too hard/pulling too hard.

Good luck with your routine!

I use a little bit of cloth under the glands. I pull enough to feel it but not enough to cause pain. Cheers bro, good luck to you to. Lets get more of us in on this experiment, the more the merryer!

Just to add my 2 cents here—-I would suggest using golf gloves—-I have them and I think they are great and give a great grip for manual stretches.


Keep working, keep learning


I always use GoldBond powder for grip.

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Use latex gloves.

All my gains have been from manually stretching. The key is to be consistent and proper technique. You don’t have to rip your head off to make gains. Just quality consistent workouts every week. The gains will come.

For what it is worth, your testicles are your glands, the head of your penis is your glans.

Good luck with the stretching experiment. I have thought about doing the same. Please keep us updated on how it goes!

I wish you the best of luck. I’m going to do the same.but add some jelqing in there.can’t hurt right?

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