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Ok dudes, I’ve been at this for 4 months and gained roughly 0.6” from 3 months of the newbie routine with added in manual stretches here and there. Nothing special about my routine and I’ve basically followed the idea that your BPFL needs to be 0.5 longer than your EL. This idea is courtesy of Remek and the thread is “Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory”, great thread if anyone is interested! Now I am at the point where I need to up my stretching routine because at 7.1-7.2 my EL is catching up with my BPFL of 7.5”. I would like to continue just manual stretching ,but am considering ramping up that shit to Hanging. It is tempting, but I believe I have two options of slightly increasing my manual stretching to about 3x a day min with Bennet’s Methods of stretching for short periods throughout the day for the next month and see where that takes me or Moving on to beginning hanging like a mad cunt. Any thoughts or insights from this wonderful community?

And that’s BPEL not EL.. I would’ve edited it but I want an avatar for 30 posts haha

I assume you mean stretched BPFL.

From my understanding, hanging is as good as manual stretches if done for equal amounts of time. You can however with hanging do something else, like watch TV or reading a book. It also offer you the option of keeping much better track of how much force you apply. A weight does not just increase or decrease, but your manual pull likely varies even if just a little. I don’t think you can magically increase your stretched BPFL without also increasing the BPEL.

Yeah stretched BPFL. That seems to be the benefits of hanging, the ability to do whatever you want to do when stretching and also that constant pull instead of having to rest your aching hands from more than 3 minutes tops of pulling and tugging.

I’d do the same routine but double the duration, you clearly gaining so there’s little reason to make an abrupt change.

Life is great, enjoy it

Starting/Current Stats (BPEL*MSEG*BPFL) - December 2011: 6.4*5*4.2

Final Target: 9.6*7.6*7.2

Where are you supposed to grab to measure your stretched BPFL?

Pull your dick out with one hand at the base of the gland and with a ruler on the other hand, push it all the way to the pubic bone ?

Originally Posted by Rakas

I’d do the same routine but double the duration, you clearly gaining so there’s little reason to make an abrupt change.

I would agree, but maaa hands dude!! It gets so intense manual stretching with your hands. Right now I use baby powder for grip, but it seems like I can’t hold on to a stretch with some force behind it for more than 30 seconds. I’m coming up on my 5th month of PE and I will manual stretch about 3 times a day minimum in short rounds. If this proves fruitful then there is no reason to change it up until my gains stop :) . The hardest part of manual stretching right now is hand fatigue —> I’m a big ol’ puss I know

AS long as what you are doing is giving gains don’t change a thing.

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