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Manual Girth Help

Manual Girth Help

Since I’m a newbie I guess I’ll start by giving my size since this is what the forums all about.

Last check I was 7.5” length and 5.0” base to 5.5” mid shaft with a tape measure.

My goal is to increase my girth to 6-7” with a larger base than shaft.

My question is, are there any manual exercises that will help increase girth?

What would be the best exercise I should start with?

If I’m starting with 7.5”(L) how hard would it be for me to move upto 9”(L)?

If it’s manual exercises you are looking to do, then just simply jelq. Jelqing alone will increase girth - over time - or you could always manual clamp after a good jelqing session. Just remember to kegel in blood each time before you proceed to jelq in order to force blood & create cell expansion in the CC’s. For manual clamping, simply get yourself as hard as possible & use an overhand ok grip & press as deep as you can into your fat pad & clamp. Hold for around 2 mins (if your grip can hold out) & just repeat for sets of 5 to begin with, you can move the time/sets up once you’ve become acustomed to the pressure.

- Lee Beast

Finish the newbie routine. You need to do this to condition your penis for advanced exercises. Advanced girth exercises for instance are clamping, Ulis and horses. The latter two are manual exercises but only do them when your penis is conditioned. For now jelq at a high erection level (60-80%) to aim for girth.

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