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Manual Exercises for Base Girth?

Manual Exercises for Base Girth?

Hey guys, I’m really worried about getting a baseball bat effect from jelqing. Anyone had any experience with manual exercises that can increase base girth? (just to make it look normal?)


Good call, I’ve noticed this too. To the veterans…Does jelqing back down to the base help this out?

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Yes, it does.

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Jelqing down to the bottom? Isn’t that a bit awkward for the skin? That seems a bit difficult, no? Good question though, I have been wondering the same.

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jeqing backward???

Can someone explain this more? Has someone done this as part of their regular routine to increase the base girth?


These are advanced moves I think. Horse 440 and reverse jelqs. Jelqing itself should help even things out. I recommend doing a search on baseball bat effect to see if their is a recommended exercise for newbies.

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I can’t see how jelqing itself would help, since that’s what’s causing the bat effect anyways. This reverse jelqing sounds interesting though…I’m sure it has something to do with kegels as well haha.

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