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Manual clamps

Manual clamps

Hi fellas, I have been doing manual clamps for a little while now, my unit does feel a little heavier, but really, it’s a bit too early to tell.

Can someone please tell me the correct way for manual clamps?
How long do you hold it for?
How many times should you do it? Etc

Basically, kelg blood in, trap it and repeat till I feel the tension and hold for about 15 seconds and let go.

Is this correct?

Would it be better to go for an actual clamp (cable clamp)? And how do you use them effectively?


Doing it manually is probably tiring and not very effective. The general idea is to restrict outflow of blood while pumping blood in via Kegels and manual stimulation (like masturbation, but not to orgasm). That’s hard to do with only two hands. Here is the original thread on cable clamps. It contains a lot of information about the technique.

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