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Manual Clamping

Manual Clamping

Hey guys, I’ve done my 3 months of Jedi penis training and I was just messing around with my penis. I was trying to figure out a manual clamping way that’s safe and effective. (Like a newbie for clamping)

So I grabbed under my balls and around my shaft base with one hand, and just under my glands with the other making an ‘ok’. I squeeze both hands at the same time, basically with all my might (this is at 100% erect. My penis gets ridiculously big (duh) and veiny.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this for now, I was just seeing if you guys had any insight on if this is dangerous or no. Also I only did it 3 times 1 min per time.

Be careful about clamping behind the balls. There are very delicate and sensitive tissues in that area (seminal vessels, etc.). I would ease into it if you are going to start. How has the newbie routine worked out for you? Do you feel as if your dick is conditioned enough to give it a little extra umph?

Yeah I went straight from 3 months of the newbie routine to an extender that I’m using to this very day. (8-10 hours daily) also jelqing 100 times everyother day.

I should probably stick with jelqing right now wouldn’t want to injure myself. I’m 5 MEG would like to get up to 5.5 one day.

I’ll just increase jelqs by 10 every week or something.

Yes be very careful doing anything behind the sac. I stuck two fairly tight cock rings over my sack and shaft the position might have been off as 15mins later my left nut sack swelled and was painful.

Some massaging and it eased by the next day

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I think manual clamping is safe for you. Couple points of advice.

I agree, don’t manually clamp behind your balls. Do it at the base of the shaft, in front of balls.

And second, stay away from Horse440’s, in which you use the other hand to squeeze the glans. It causes blood to flow unnaturally, and has a high injury rate. Anytime you’re using the second hand to squeeze for more pressure, it should be on the shaft below the glans, and it should feel like it is adding more internal pressure to the glans. If you feel blood flowing out of the glans / pressure decrease in the glans - that’s a Horse440 and you should modify your form.

It didn’t sound like you were doing H440’s, but just putting the warning out there since I think they’re one of the few inherently dangerous PE methods. Lots of methods are dangerous if done wrong or overdone. H440’s are just dangerous period.

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Ok thanks a lot guys I’ll just do low reps from the base not behind the balls.

Thanks for the warning :/

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