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Manual Clamping

Manual Clamping

I have a question, it derived from a private discussion I had with another user.

Can clamping be performed manually? (Holding a firm grip at the base of the penis not letting the blood pass) The only problem would be that you get tired.. Are there people practicing this kind of stuff? (I have the impression that manual clamping is safer (you can always release it when you feel something’s not right.. And you have a better tension control).

I am not thinking to start clamping (still a newbie / have much to learn) , but I am curious though.

Bump for an answer I was thinking for sometime about that myself.

I have been doing some manual clamping with the ok grip during the last month, and I will sometimes switch hands if I get tired. I haven’t been doing it a lot, as I had already gained some girth prior to trying the manual clamping, and I mainly doing it as kind of a maintenance program to make sure I don’t loose any girth while I concentrate on length.

I started doin manual clamps a few days ago, fingers will get hella tired, but I’m only doin it from about 2-3 minutes until I’m sure my penis is ready for the real device clamps

Here’s something I’ve been toying with recently: during a good edging session, instead of exclusively clamping, press the first two fingers of your hand firmly over you CS quite far down near the base of the penis, with your thumb on the topside at base. Whilst in this position, gently jerk the grip up and down a half inch or so, with more emphasis on the upward motion.

Gradually the CS will fill with blood to an almost clamp-like pressure, but on a totally manual level. I’ve been incorporating that with some ballooning techniques and apart from good expansion, it feels fantastic.

Give it a try..:up:

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