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Manual clamping

Manual clamping

I’ve been PE’ing for 2 1/2 months now, with not too much to show for it yet, so I’ve been thinking about changing it up a little. It occurred to me that one could do some “manual” clamping using one’s hands to constrict the blood flow rather than using the plastic device. Has anyone done this? I spent about 10 minutes manually clamping at the base of my penis earlier today and got all the positive indicators listed in remek’s Clamping 101 guide. I’ll probably do it a few more days before deciding about clamping proper.

I have done that. Its usually referred to as “squeezes”. I usually do it at the end of my jelg session. I would usually squeeze for a couple minutes only. I am now doing it for a little longer but wanted to make sure I conditioned my unit more. I would be careful about going the full 10 minutes if you are new to PE.

I have tried it but it will fagitue my hand to much. Because I am not able to get cable clamps, I clamp with an old network cable.

Yes thats right, my hand also get tired after a while so it’s best to get a cable clamp, although the manual clamping you described is an exercise called Uli stretch I think. Look up on it. There’s also a more intense version called the Supra Slammer. Doesn’t seem like you’ve done your research!

Doesn’t seem like you’ve done your research!

Actually its the Uli #3.

I use a cloth + rubberband instead of the clamp for now.

I wrap my base with a small cloth (eye glass cleaner) and wrap a standard 6.5” length rubberband (measured by cutting the rubberband to make it a straight line) and overlap the circle so it’s half the size and leave it on the base of my erect penis for 10 minutes.

I guess clamping would be a lot easier, but I’m used to this.

After pumping sessions, I have been using a synthetic elastic cock ring as a clamp. I have held the stretch through a whole working day. Haven’t tried serious clamps yet, but not sure I need to.

Same here I do a manual clamp. I thought it was a form of Uli but I’m not to sure any more, I do 5 reps for a count of 30 minutes. I also clamp at the end of my work out twice for 10 minutes. I have seen some resolutes from doing this I suggest clamping, they aren’t expensive at all, i bought some for 3.47 at Walmart.

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