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Mansized Rooster

Mansized Rooster

Hello everyone. Pretty new to PEing, I’ve actually done it before but only for a month and I had no gains. My LOT is at 7 oclock, my penis size is 7” L and 5.2” G I think, not to sure. Anyways I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on where to start. I guess I could do the newbie jelqing and stretching, but I was wondering if my LOT is too low. I was also wondering if my testicles hang low does this mean I have a better chance to see gains. I heard this somewhere and since mine do I was hoping this to be true. Anyways, I was just seeing members pics and I felt sort of small even though I’m above average … But I guess it will just push me to try harder. Thanks for the site and I hope to be posting my gains soon.

Mansized Rooster

Hi MansizedRooster,

Welcome to the board! Don’t worry about not seeing gains in the first month. For some people, it might take 3 months before they see anything. What is your current routine?

Are you sure that your LOT is at 7 o’ clock? Click here to find out more.

I don’t think there is any correlation between low hanging testicles and gains that I know of.


I’ve read your other post. I see you’re just starting off with PE and have also purchased a pump from VacuTech.

This is kind of an odd situation: you’ll be starting both pumping and manual PE at the exact same time.

I am wondering if that is too much for a newbie.

But Avocet himself started manual PE and pumping at the same time, IIRC.

Normally I’d just say to start with the Newbie Routine,

Newbie Routine

but since you’ll be pumping as well, I think Avocet’s beginning routine would be ideal to start with:

Vacuum Pumping 101

Avocet recommends starting with one 10 minute pump session at low pressure, and also recommends jelqing during the breaks between pumping sessions.

Like you, I just got equipment from VacuTech a few days ago. I’ve done manual PE for 4 months now, starting in April. Since I’m new to pumping I’ve restructured my routine to the following:

5 minutes hot wrap warm up
10 minutes wet jelq
10 minutes pumping at low pressure (~3 in Hg)
10 minutes wet jelq

This is a MUCH less intense manual workload than I have been doing. Since starting in April with the newbie routine, I’ve gradually expanded my manual routine to include jelqs, intense two handed squeezes, and manual stretches, in a routine that can take up to an hour.

I do plan to get back into intense manual work, and to use it in conjunction with pumping. However, as I am just now beginning pumping, I want to take it easy for the first few weeks with the above outlined routine. After getting conditioned with the pump, and after I am conditioned to handle 2 good 15 minute pump sessions in one sitting, I’ll start to re-introduce intense squeezes into my routine. I plan to use the squeezes in the breaks between the pumping sessions to get even more engorged than usual.

As I am still new myself, I can’t give any authoritative answers, but you might want to consider using the routine I’ve outlined above, but only doing one 10 minute jelq session as opposed to two?

For example:
5 minutes hot wrap
10 minutes pumping at low pressure
10 minutes wet jelq

….and then calling it a day? At least for the beginning. Just to get yorself conditioned.

Then as the weeks go by, maybe follow the plan outlined by Avocet, gradually increasing your pumping time and # of sessions?

As the weeks and months go by, maybe you’ll add more intense manual work: more jelq time, two handed squeezes, etc.

I’m new to pumping myself, and still relatively new to PE overall, but this would seem to be the best way to get started.

Metal Ed,

Thanks for the advice, I am definetely going to take the mild aprouch at first like you said, 5 min warm up, 10 min jelq, 10 min pump. I really do hope to see some gains in the next couple of months and I hope you get some too. Good luck with your pump and I hope all goes safely and well. Just a quick question, would you do one day on one day off? That’s what I’m thinking of doing but I’m not to sure if that’s the best way.

Hmm, the newbie routine calls for 2 on, 1 off.

And IIRC, Avocet does recommend pumping more often than one on and one off.

I suppose it’s completely up to you, but 2 on, 1 off, seems about right to me.

Of course, if you try that and find yourself becoming too sore, you can always scrap it and do it one on, one off.


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