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Mandingo stretch

Thanks for the nugget of wisdom Big Girtha. I had read up a bit on DLD’s history here at TP and I noticed (after posting the link) that there was some agitation before he left. I am a newb and have no opinion on the guy, I wasn’t around then. I just hope I didn’t bring up something that would rub seniors the wrong way. My only intent in posting the link was trying to find better description on the stretch.

I wasn’t at the MOS site long before I observed a juvenile environment that didn’t have the same respect for PE that members here at TP have. There is plenty of excitement there, but I don’t know what type of results people are getting. Not to speak anything ill of MOS members or the site administrators (not bashing). I find TP a better environment to learn the facts (sound theories) without all the hype and BS. It sounds like the “Mandingo Stretch” was another reinvention of the wheel.

Originally Posted by marinera
>>You will gain 1 inch at least in 1 month 100% guaranteed no matter what genetics you have,what skin color you are and no matter how hopeless your dick looks like.

Yeah I caught on to that immediately marinera. I was turned off by the exaggerated claims and immediately began to wonder what I was getting into.

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Wow! I just tried that stretch and it was great! I could generate a ton of force without fatiguing my hands.

Originally Posted by Sultan

….. My only intent in posting the link was trying to find better description on the stretch…….

No, it’s all ok, Sultan.

Originally Posted by petrus47

This might be what differs Thunders from many other. Shave off the glam and be realistic.

Money is involved that’s why.

Interesting. I do not doubt what big girtha said one bit.

However, I’ve been surfing the TP forum for about 3 or 4 months now around 1-2 hours a day.

I have never heard of this stretch. Sure I have heard of the fulcrum stretch and A stretch, but this next step in invention is pretty neat.

I finally tried it out and it feels like a pretty good combination.

My real point is: is there a way we could not hype up everything yet still have the newer things available to the members? Such as expanding the current PE manual to include more current variations and such?

I know this stuff is not new, but I honestly never made the connection to combine fulcrum and A stretch.

The issue I had with this stretch was extreme turtling. I had to take it out of the routine.

If anyone could post a draw or something I think it could help understanding this thread.

A picture or a draw would be appreciated. I am curious about this “Mandingo stretch”, even i don’t believe in such miracles.

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Hmm.. it’s like walking the dog. You grab the leash (your dick) and twist it around your fist to get a better hold, - sort of.

I was trying to make a sketch, but it’s just undoable in msPaint.

I’m confused on this, I have been doing something like this, and maybe I can kind of give you my thoughts on it, I think it is just a fulcrum stretch but I believe it pulls on the base more or something. I was talking to Cuban about it a little while back, talking about looking at your dick, it will make a L or a 7 in a sense.

Pull your dick up, down, left or right like the newbie stretches with an ok grip, and you use your hand as a fulcrum, the same hand you pull with is also the fulcrum as well. Example, you pull up and bend forward as if you have the base to the mid shaft is up, mid shaft is where the bend happens along the bottom of your hand, and then your glands are 90 degrees to your base to mid shaft, and the fulcrum is making it easier to pull harder. Just to change it up a little or when my arms get tired.

The one described here is with your dick straight out, the wrist is the fulcrum, wrist on top of dick, using wrist as fulcrum, and you twist to cause the pull towards your stomach. So put your wrist on top and pull your head into an ok grip from that position, and fulcrum stretch. Hope it helps if that is what the thread is talking about, and I also believe the gains to be claimed as bs.

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Can someone draw a pic or take a picture? My English sucks.

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Maybe this will help…

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Originally Posted by Ruz_
Maybe this will help…

Good, this is what i’ve been doing, good to know i’m doing something right.

Just like the V-stretch, this stretch puts lots of pressure on the dorsal nerves. I’m not a fan of those stretches, be careful. Some report turtling when doing this exercise, that’s usually a response to some serious stress, the penis is retracting to protect itself (you’ve triggered a defence mechanism).

Originally Posted by Ruz_

Maybe this will help…

Yes, it helps a lot. Thanks very much. :up: .


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