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Man , super strange.

Man , super strange.

Mkey , I was with my new girlfriend planning to have sex.At first I had difficulties to get it hard(!!!) , later on I ejaculated way too fast(!!!) Kind of embarrassing.It was strange , the same day I had troubles with numerous things and people but I think it is no excuse.I’m just wondering has something like this happened to you guys?

I think it’s too much stress, and thinking.

You have to relax while and before having sex, and do less thinking while doing it.

Yeah.. That’s your prescription.

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I wonder if women have these many problems as men

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Women generally have problems with achieving orgasms, they usually have less of them than men. If they are physically blocked they sometimes “close themselves” and they can’t have sex at all. Well, I prefer to be a man like I am :D

Yeah happened to me to. And every now and then. I am fairly sure it is stress and pressure. Come to think of it, the other day exactly the same thing happened. I couldn’t get it up. Then came quick. Don’t stress brother, even God needs a break every now and then.

After I began PE occurs just the opposite to me.
The wind blows and I’m already hard and after that… it doesn’t wanna go down at all no matter how hard we try, haha! :P

Guys, are you doing your kegels?

Try edging or ballooning.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

If you’ll take some advice from an old guy..

Lots of men have been in that situation. The best way of dealing with it is to forget about yourself and concentrate wholeheartedly on giving the woman as much pleasure as possible by hands and mouth.start with a whole body massage as most women really enjoy it and it is also calming to give,.do it SLOW with long smooth movements. Then lie next to the woman with her in your arms and after lots of kisses turn her flat on her back with one of your arms under her to stroke the breast farthist away, put your mouth on the breast nearest and use your other hand to stimulate her clit. Most women find this kind of ‘three point’ stimulation very arousing and it’s more or less impossible for them to do themselves. After a while move the arm that is under her down so that you can use the fingers of that hand to hold open her labia for your main hand. When fully excited most women love to be held open and even stretched by your fingers.

If you really concentrate on her, you will probably find that you get a powerful erection. However, if you don’t/can’t get hard and she starts to want penetration then tell her that you are ‘having some nerves and things are not working’.if you have given her a really pleasurable session already then she will be very simpathetic and eager to try to arouse you,.at least she will be keen for another session soon and won’t give you up as hopeless, or worse;.tell all her mates what a washout you are in bed!

thanks guys.


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