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Man, it's just not sore. Does that mean it's not growing?'s just not sore...does that mean it's not growing?

I do a lot of jelq’s and with a pretty tight grip. I tried it at 50% hard and almost 90% or so hard and no soreness afterwards.

Does that mean, it’s not growing/working?

I jelq everyday for 1 hr and no soreness. Man, this could be bad, eh?


I’ve really never had any soreness throughout my years of PE, and I’ve grown quite a bit. So, it doesn’t mean that you’re not growing. Stay committed and be patient.


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Soreness is not necessary for gains Want Bigger. I know it’s difficult without any reactors telling you it’s working, but just stick with your current routine for a month and see if you’ve gained. I’m betting you will be pleasantly surprised. We don’t always know if the work we are doing is working until we give it time to show. If after a month you don’t see any gains, then try intensifying your routine or adding other elements (like stretching) to it.


Many members, including myself, have made good gains without experiencing any real discomfort. Listen to these moderators. They know what they’re talking about.


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