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Malnourished when little and small penis


Allow others to speak freely

People should stop being excessively harsh. Not everybody has a stone heart to rebound on regardless of the fact that they might fight back due to the fact that they don’t want to be pissed on. Sincerity is a virtue that DEMANDS respect because not everybody has the courage to be sincere. Also remember respect is reciprocal. I am not a preacher and I myself might bark at people but I am not sure would feel OK with myself to bark at a person who speaks without his shield. Keep the forum a place where people can feel free to speak because it is through speaking that we are all GAINING. Try not to f.k it up for everyone. You will only create shy professionals who feel timid about shearing their valuable experiences

No one really intends to bark at here on here, man; just most of us seem to have a tendency to boldly offer advice or state opinions that sometimes come across as harsh or offensive. I think I can speak for everyone on this thread that no one purposefully meant to offend, or disrespect, you and hereby propose our sincerest apology for seeming so; and, I at least, humbly request that you see a person’s remark on here less as a personal attack and more as ‘constructive criticism’, as they say. :) We’re really a friendly, welcoming crowd. Trust me. :)

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Good post Beasty :clap:

Originally Posted by abracadabra
Screw you. You don’t know how my life is. I barely got time to do PE working 2 jobs and going to school. I eat good enough and watch my weight. I don’t have the time to cook me a healthy dinner every night.

Cough. Low self esteem. Cough.
(Only someone that was proud of themselves would not take that cocky post seriously. It has good advice though. Grow up. Learn from your mistakes. TAKE ACTION.)

Hey Abracadabra:

I didn’t mean to dis-respect you bro. My bad. Seriously, I just re-read what I wrote and that whole shit about:

Originally Posted by locoloco
Man maybe you deserve that small dick, because you are continuing to eat like crap.

Was totally off-base and disrespectful.
I’m sorry.

But I didn’t say that deserved to have been malnourished. No. What I meant at that time is that if you are continuing to disrespect your body by eating junk food that then you deserve to be skinny.

And even that is pretty dis-respectful.

I can see that now and I’m sorry. Seriously that was a dumbass moment. But the thing about me is that I am very intense when I try to push people to help themselves. But now I see that I definitely pushed way too hard. The thing is that, in my experience, when people “complain about something in their life, and you tell people really nice that they should really eat better, and get stronger and whatever they don’t do it. But if you’re intense and they get mad they definitely get there asses moving. Again in my experience.

So again I’m sorry for being disrespectful and way too intense but really I did want the best for you man. I wanted you to want health and strength and send you down the path to achieve it.

Words are not my strength. Pictures and video are. I can tell you what movie you are watching if you pause the movie at any random “frame”— I will still be able to tell what movie it is your watching. I can remember visual stuff for a long ass time. But words are another thing. So my bad, that whole dick shit was out of line and wrong.

But still bro, once I was living in an apartment with my brother and going to University and had a part time job. So time was of the essence. You probably have a tighter schedule but this is what I did:

I went down to the supermarket and bought a bag of fresh baby leaf spinach, white rice, olive oil, lemons, some chicken, some fruits(mangos, oranges, kiwis are all excellent), parsley, italian herbs and spices, avocadoes also are excellent.

Go to Walmart and buy a RICE COOKER. It cost like $13 and it will cook rice for you in like 5 mins.

Always buy the meat from the supermarket and at home, take them out and throw the herbs and spices on it and throw them in individual zip lock bags with just the amount of chicken that you would eat in one sitting. Then store them in the freezer. Then every morning take out one of those bags in put it in the refrigerator. When you get home from work you have a bag of chicken, Flavored already, with just the right amount of chicken, and DEFROSTED and ready to cook.

Here is a great and easy recipe:

Cook some rice—whatever you like to eat. 5mins
Then bake some chicken strips in oven or fry them. 10 mins-20mins
Then add some olive oil and lemon juice and italian spices to rice. This makes a for damn good flavor but with all the Omega 3-6-9 oils you need.
Then cut some pieces of avocado and tomatoes add those in there
Then add the chicken and your good to go with a very healthy balanced meal.

Don’t drench on the olive oil. Should be done in 15-20mins. It tastes good, I have served it to people that are not health freaks (like I used to be) and they loved it.

Also I really recommend this nutritional supplement called Veggie Magma. It is all the juice of berries, spinach, carrot, barley and pomegranate dried and powdered. Then you mix a teaspoon into a glass of water. Drink that once a day and you will be getting more nutrition on that glass alone than any multi-vitamin or meal that you have during the day. I’ve been drinking it and it has been great. There are other powdered drinks but this one is the most balanced and neutral tasting. Others taste too much like vegetables or have those spirulina bacteria which I don’t recommend at all.

That will definitely give you more energy and help you get healthy way faster. But it does not taste very good-I mean it’s spinach juice for God’s sake-but you only need very little.

Also serve your self some spinach and tuna salads. Don’t cook the spinach. You can add other very healthy vegetable like Cucumbers and zucchini. That takes literally 5mins.
Flavor it with olive oil, lemon, honey.

What else, what else. Oh, you can make soups on the weekends out of chicken, zucchinis, cucumber, garbanzo beans and other healthy things. Then freeze them, again in individual plastic containers and during the week — microwave that bitch you know.

Instant great tasting soup that has alot of vegetable in it. When it comes to soups—Soups only taste like the “flavoring cubes” that you drop into the Boling water that you are cooking everything with. So it won’t taste like vegetables at all. There are chicken flavor cubes, vegetable flavor, and others I think. Just get the chicken and vegetable one and you’ll be good.

Good books to read, The Ph. Miracle. But they are kind of hard-core.

Stick to fresh green vegetables and lean chicken, salmon and mackerel and cod fish, Fresh fruits, olive oil, almonds, tomatoes, avocados, cucumber and zucchini and you’ll be good.

Take care man.

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Excellent post loco.

Thanks, Beasty. I’ll have to look that up.

People always say it’s genes but it’s funny, I’ve seen other family members in the locker room at the gym and guess what.. I’m far smaller than all of them. I’ve yet to see anyone in my family with my size. Which is good I guess, I wouldn’t wish my problem onto them but it just leaves me wondering why.

Originally Posted by northof60
I have a theory that extremely active teen athletes my have reduced penis size. It is well documented that over-exertion depresses testosterone production. Many high level athletes train hard on a daily basis over the course of many years. Perhaps the resulting reduced test levels during puberty causes less penis growth. Who knows, it is possible.

This actually happened to me when I was 15-16…try playing 2-3 hours of waterpolo a day (around 2,000 calories burned), plus 2 hours martial arts training 3x a week…on top of 6 days of school a week…my testosterone production was almost erased and I actually started growing a bitch tit. Yes, you read right. Just like Bob from Fight Club. I got to the point where I was so permanently exhausted that I didn’t have the energy to eat - just collapsed into bed. This went on for 1-2 years.

It took 3 months to sort my hormones out…when I think about it now, I would give almost anything to go back in time and tell my coaches to go fuck themselves. I came really close to permanently screwing up my testosterone and certain other hormones.

Missed out on a lot of growth too…my brother is 6’ 2”, my dad is 6’, my uncles are between 6’ and 6’2, heck even my 88-year old grand dad is 5’11”. I’m 5’ 9.5”. I’m still only 21 though, so maybe I can eke out a couple more inches…



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