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Making Sure of Purpose of Stretching

Making Sure of Purpose of Stretching

I just want to make sure I understand the purpose of stretching.

Is is strictly for loosening the ligaments at the base or does it do something for the penis shaft, too.

The reason I ask is that if it’s just for loosening the ligaments at the base, why don’t you just hold your shaft just above the base which is easier to hold your grip without your fingers slipping and/or cutting off blood flow to the glans?

Greetings Dav

I believe it’s both.

I stretch in basically two manners:

1- I’ll hold a hand at the base, and this tends to isolate the stretch to the shaft itself, visibly elongating it.

2-Stretch the whole unit itself, in whatever variation (JAI’s, V-Stretch, etc), pulling everything away from the body, and thus hitting the ligs more than the tunica.

Have a care, if your dick is not up to this, injury is virtually guaranteed.

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