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Making progress.

Making progress.

After about two months I have noticed several positive changes in my overall penis health. More importantly however I have learned the importance of exercise through PE. My penis has grown about 3/4” in length, girth has also improved and erections are much harder as well. I am an ex cocaine addict and drug abuser. I got sober about a year ago. There is no doubt that using drugs killed my penis. Before PE I had a hard time keeping an erection and also having issues with ejaculation (it took forever). My penis feels a lot more sensitive now. Sex feels much better. I look forward to doing my PE exercises, it really helped take my mind off drugs. I have never been happier, and I am so fortunate to have found this site. I seem to be a fast gainer. I have always been athletic and it is easy for me to put on muscle, my body seems to adapt quickly.

I feel that PE should not exist on it’s own but should be simply one component of a complete exercise/work-out program. I want to continue with the newbie program until I stop seeing results. I sometimes wonder just how much cocaine has damaged my body as well as my penis. I am also worried about the long-term effects of the drug. Anyone have any knowledge on the subject>?

Hey dude awesome gains. I’m afraid I know nothing of the long term effects of cocaine use but I do know you are an admirable person to have fought through and come clean.

I do know one thing however, and that is how resiliant and regenerating the penis is as an organ. I had an injury (doing too much to soon) and I was terrified but now I’m back to normal as are 90% of the guys who’s many posts I read when searching.

I remember eading on another forum that the smooth muscle in the penis needs to be “exercises” as in get an erection regulary to maintain health, see night wood. So, if by taking cocaine excessivley you stopped this then it may just be case of getting your erections and night wood back to regain penile health.

Congratulations on your achievements, both with PE and kicking the drugs. Enjoy the new found energy in your penis and all the natural highs that come with it..:up:

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I too used to like the cocaine, I fear now it has caused my manic depression but like you say, this place is great therapy. There’s alot of great people here on this forum, alot of whom make better councilers than the ones who are paid for it. Everything here is free so even people who find it tough gaining should be greatful they didn’t lose vast amounts of money like on paysites.

This place is certainly alot cheaper than a habbit and the effects will certainly last longer. Keep up the great work and cement those gains Adamepworth. All the best.


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