Making progress without spending extra time

I would like to say thanks to Thunders Place and all you guys who have contributed with all the information. I made the Newbie routine for 6 months and I`m now into hanging with good enough results. I realized that many lurkers are very interested in doing PE but just don`t seem to have time enough to invest in it. Since Thunders Place just doesn’t consist of penis enlargement exercises it thought me how the penis works, how to get better EQ etc. So I would like to give some advise to people who never tried PE and don`t have the time to do it. If you follow these examples you can make some kind of progress and get a better EQ without having to invest any big money or a lot of time, although as I said this is for you you guys that havenĀ“t tried PE yet.

*Do 100 jelqs in the shower each day. If you shower every day then after a month you just made about 3000 jelqs. Since they are wet jelqs you could get both length and girth gains.

*Use a a very snug penis ring every time you have sex. This will be like some sort of clamping and it could give some girth gains.

*Do kegels every time you drive your car or watch TV. This will raise your EQ tremendous and in my case it made me gain girth faster.

*Take one Ginger and Cayenne shot with breakfast and evening meal. This will work as aphrodisiac and raise your EQ.

*Lessen your body fat by walking or running instead of driving your car, take the stairs instead of the elevator and eat healthy. This will trim down your fat pad and add length to your penis.

*If you have a girl/boyfriend or at least a steady sex partner: Don`t watch porn or masturbate because that will bring down your EQ. If you have to watch porn then just edge. Edging works fine for some.

I`m sure there are a lot of things more that could be added to this but from what I have learned this could be a good start to get a “better” penis without devoting your life to PE.