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Making ball zinger in west aus

Making ball zinger in west aus

As a newbie let me say thanks for this site.

I have been reading and now want to make a zinger but the only references are for supply ex the states. If you have ordered ex states from Mcmasters was this satisfactory?

Are there fellow West Aussies who have made one and would know where to get the supplies zinc and high quality copper tubing and latex tubing. I have been to a marine store to access an anode but they didn’t know their composition, and could only find copper tubing for plumbing.

Any assistance sought.


Do a search for “ball zinger” and you’ll find about a zillion references to it. Good luck.

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Used to carry the rods for making Zingers but The demand was to low. McMasters will sell them to you but you need to buy a minimum quantity. I didn’t bother to order any more after I got rid of my inventory.

The ball zinger is fun but the one’s I built were to much current for me and I could feel the stinging of the the voltage all the time.

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Don’t do it!

The unique magnetic properties of Perth mean that wearing a ball zinger will actually cause your testicles to shrink!

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