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Make-shift lube

Make-shift lube

I don’t know whether this is a stupid question or not, but is shampoo okay to use as a form of lube?

It’s easy because it means you can do your jelqing in or before a shower. Plus it means you save money from buying lube, since your shampoo now has 2 uses. :P

Shompoo irritates the skin, and also dehydrates the skin. Not recommended.

Later - ttt

If you must do your routine in the shower, use the conditioner, not the shampoo. Or at least use a soap with lotion in it like Dove. Plain old shampoo or soap will be too hard on your skin in the long run.

Tom Hubbard tells you how to make an alternative lube. Its probably cheaper to buy lube anyways.

I use my dove soap and have never had a problem yet. The lotion in the bar im sure helps a lot over normal soap

I probably should’ve specified, but I actually do use Conditioner (shampoo, conditioner, same shit :P)

So.. Shampoo is not good, but conditioner is fine?

Shampoo cleans hair. Conditioner makes it shiny and is full of minerals or something to REVITALISE :P

Lots of threads on lube floating around.

Baby oil (vegetable based is best) is also useful around the bath - good for dry spots.

regards, mgus

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I just use vegetable oil, as in cooking oil. I’ve changed to using sunflower oil cause it’s got less of an odour.

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