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Make it hot

Make it hot

I have invented a new way of heating up your dick. I remove the shower head and enable a single stream of water to hit my member. I do all stretches while the water is heating me up. Is it a good idea to make your dick as hot as possible while doing exercises?

104 degrees Fahrenheit seems to be a magic number for loosening connective tissues. But it’s hard to really heat your penis in the shower. Better to use a bath, and to get your whole body good and hot. Don’t forget that the penis has an excellent blood supply, which means it’s effectively liquid cooled. Its internal temperature isn’t easily increased just by pouring hot water on it.

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So your telling me that running hot water will not loosen up the tunica?

Can’t believe, eh?


Why is a hot wrap better than this method?

Because the heat is better transfered to your tissues, if it’s clear what I mean.

Don’t burn your dick, man. That hurts. Try to warm up it up with a rice sock, or a warmed up towel.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
No, you don’t want to cook the damn thing.

That was hilarious.

To the thread maker, definitely make it hot.. Obviously if you’re in pain stop and well you know to much heat kills sperm, so be careful about that too.

I think it would be harder to keep your balls from getting wet/hot with this water method. The wrap is easier to control and less wasteful.

But would it really matter if your balls are hot. It’s not like you are planning to get a girl pregnant anytime soon?

I like this method of using water flow from the shower. You have got to be real careful because you can literally cook your sausage

Jelqfanatic I do it relatively hot also but I cover my balls while doing so, I don’t want to cook my sperm.

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