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Major vein leakage. help

Major vein leakage. help

Aye guys,

By the way I can’t post on the injury forum, hence this being here.

I just finished a routine and well my cock look a little funny. It was a normal routine with 14 minutes of jelqing. The only difference was I ran out of my lubricant so towards the end there was a lot of skin pulling.

I’m not circumcised and the foreskin area on both sides just below my frenulum is a dark red almost purpley color. There are two almost identical smallish veins that run roughly up the top sides of my unit and then head down towards the under side and ultimately meet at about the base of the frenulum. Both these veins are now really small, and inflamed. They both look almost disconnected from the rest of the vein which heads towards my body. There not though. It literally looks like I’ve blown a leak in both these veins so the incoming blood side has no pressure and hence they are small while the out going side is large as the blood can travel backwards so there’s a pressure build up. There is no pain. The whole underside of my foreskin is a redish color though, not irritated red, more like a bruise which is what I believe it is; leaked blood from these veins which has spread around under the skin.

I’ve usually gotten something like this on one side of the frenulum and it always clears up the next day but likes to return every time, and no where near as bad as this. I don’t really know what to do. I don’t use to much pressure and the veins are unavoidable

Any comments would be great

Don’t jelq all the way up?

Jelq palm down, thumb and forefinger towards body - how do your hold your hand?

regards, mgus

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I stop just below the glands. I jelq like that and try and focus the pressure on the sides. Every minute or so I do try and wrap my fingers all the way around for a stroke or two.

I just did some ahh “tests” and EQ is fine which is sort of weird if I have damaged blood flow. I’ve never worried too much about the purple areas because they are on my foreskin which makes me think they have less to do with with my actual cock and more with just the skin.

Hey just for an update. The redness is now completely gone. The veins are back to normal if not slightly smaller than usual but there are two sort of purple spots where I believe the ruptures might have occurred on almost identical spots (symmetrically) on each vein. I also just realized the “leak” appear to only effect the color of the skin on the inside of the foreskin or the part that directly touches the glans. There was a very contrasting line of really purple skin and then completely normal skin and this line happens to be where the outside and inside of the foreskin meet.

So what the fuck was this?
And I’m going to rest one more day but do you think I can jelq again tomorrow night? Maybe shorten the session. There was never any pain, this has happened regularly before but to a much lesser extent, and almost all the symptoms are now gone.

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Haha no, was never worried about that. More about my cock dieing. And the title was simply what it looked like. I’m pretty sure if your dick looked like mine did you’d be freaking out a bit too.

In all seriousness there’s no pain, and no more symptoms. Since I have no idea about what the injury was though I don’t know if it’s safe to start jelqing again?

Starting: NBPEL: 5.75" EG: 4.75" (widest point)

3.5 Months: NBPEL: 6.175" EG: 4.75"

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No, not really. Not at this point in my life anyway. I would have been online searching for information instead of crying WOLF. But I understand some guys get a little touchy when it’s their dick that has the problem.

Anyway, glad you are OK and I look forward to you answering the next WOLF thread. ;)

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