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Major swelling, need HELP please

Major swelling, need HELP please

Please excuse me from posting here, but this seems like the most reasonable website to turn to. I’m currently somewhat embarrassed to go to a doctor and ask about my problem, but if it doesn’t go away or if no one can assist me here, I guess I’m going to have to. Anyways here it is…

For no reason whatsoever, I developed nasty swelling on my penis. This is not a joke so don’t be laughing or anything. On my left side, right below the head of the penis there is swelling… The best way I could describe it is like a… hmm… vein like thing that appeared. I’m uncircumcised and my foreskin constantly is moving over it, which I don’t think is helping. The swelling’s height is about 1/3 of a centimeter and it’s about 2.5 cm long. It is parallel to the edge of the head of the penis, hence not extending down the shaft.

It had appeared about 1.5 weeks ago, then died down a little. Now it is back. I first noticed it after I got, ahem… handjob from my girlfriend. I don’t know if that’s in any way relevant to it, but that’s when it appeared.

Honestly, it is pretty blood embarrassing to be even writing about this. Does anyone have any clue as to what it is or what I can do about it? It’s not all that painful thankfully though. If anyone has any clue or tips I’d sure appreciate it. If not I guess I’ll have to go to a doctor, because this is getting to be a problem that is not going away. Thank you in advance for any help you might offer.

I had a a sexual encounter that sounds like yours when I was really young and ended up with a blood blister on the shaft of my penis. I’m not sure if this is what you’re describing, but I ended up going to the doc even though I was very embarrassed. Honestly, it’s no big deal as they’ve seen everything. Maybe you could give more detail about it’s appearance: dark of light in color? Hard or soft?

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As far as the swelling goes, first of all, don’t masturbate for a few days, and hold off on anymore handjobs. I would also suggest using something cold to help reduce the swelling.

However, to be fair to you, we are going to need some more information, such as, but not limited to:

Is the area bruised, red, purple?
Is the area tender to the touch, or just funky looking?
Does it hurt or is sensitive when you urinate?
It might be, but not necessarily, an inflamed hair follicle. Looks nasty, hurts like hell.
Any other swelling that is not normal?

Hopefully one of the other guys will chime in with their thoughts. If after a week and a half, it is still swollen I do suggest you go to the doctor. I understand the embarassment part of it, but you don’t want to injure your penis. You only get one in a lifetime, take care of it.

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Sound like a thrombosed vein to me.

I was thinking the same thing, but more information would be helpful.



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