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Major girth gainers

Major girth gainers

Newbie here. A hello and question to my fellow PE’ers.

Girth gain - how much is possible really? Is it merely time that is the determining factor? Length, when attacked by hanging with girth lacking penises seems to gain 3 + inches on a long enough time line.and my time line is long enough. But what about girth? My goal is to gain 2 inches of girth. 2 inches of girth is a massive ask, so my question it too much to ask for?

Have many other PE’ers gained 2 inches of girth?

As always I value your comments greatly.

Sorry but I think it is very , very difficult to gain 2 inches in girth . Nearly impossible

I have not seen photo evidence of anyone that has gained 2” on girth. There are many members (pun non intended) here who have obtained that much girth increase like BigGirtha.

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There are limits, but they are different for everyone. People have gained more than 2 inches in girth, but I only know of a few. I would say that it is not possible for most people, physiologically, to accomplish. But perhaps it is more of an issue of the commitment that would be required to achieve such a result. I would think it would take quite a number of years. Perhaps that is why so few people have managed it, because it requires years and years of dedicated and intelligent PE work.

It depends on how much time you are willing to put in to get to that size and how you go about it.

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