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Maintaining proper semi-erection level while jelqing

Maintaining proper semi-erection level while jelqing

This is my virgin post!

I’ve been doing PE off and on for two months, but much more seriously for just over one. I have been wondering how others maintain the proper semi-erection level while jelqing.

Sometimes I find it hard (soft?) to go for too many jelqs in a row without losing my semi-erection. For example, I might perform a handful of jelqs (these puns are too easy) and then find that I’ve gone below 50%, and jelqs don’t seem as effective or effective at all at that point. So, then I’ll have to “recharge”. The time it takes to recharge varies. And that can make me worry that my PE workout is losing some effectiveness or potential, since sometimes it takes a while to recharge. To recharge, sometimes I resort to the tried and true method of mental imagery, or sheer will to PE. But other times I have to resort to porn (not to make it sound like that’s such a hassle — though I am kind of getting bored with it a lot more, I’ve noticed). And sometimes, when I can pull it off (another pun!), I just have porn going on in the background, to make for a quick recharge turn around time. But, that isn’t always convenient or desired: the really fake moans can get pretty annoying.

Does anyone else have thoughts about or experiences with this issue? I haven’t stumbled on it in the forums, but, to be fair, I haven’t intentionally done a search for it either. I was just wondering what other people’s experiences and strategies with this issue have been.

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Hey, I’ve had this problem too, and I have found 3 solutions:

1) Don’t try and jelq too often after masturbating, because if you can’t re-up, then you’re not gonna maintain the right erection level if your body doesn’t want too. Maybe try substituting a jelq for a beat off session. Like every time you feel the urge to touch your penis, warm it, stretch, and jelq it, and be done. DON’T JERK IT AFTERWARDS. This has been reported to hurt your gains

2) find a semi-arousing or arousing picture. Not a porno, that’ll likely get you too hard, but a picture of a cute girl with tits out will get your engine revving, but the non-erotic touching of jelqing should balance things out. Porn kinda sucks for this because it can be TOO much and pump your dick full to a 100% erection level, or it can have the nasty surprise of an unfortunate moan or weird sex face that makes you not want to ever touch a woman (or man, no judgement) ever again. Find a hot picture, and stick with it.

3) KEGEL. Try to pump some blood into your dick on your own.

Yeah try kegeling once you get too soft and then stop as soon as your at a good level and if you get hard just say the ABC’s in your head or do the pledge to take your mind off it haha it works for me good luck.

Yeah, it is hard to maintain a constant semi-erection throughout the Jelping. I find watch some porn that you have watched may help.

I watch TV while performing my routine. My semi maintains well, because I just pay attention to the ballgame or whatever is on. It might not work for you, but give it a try.

I watch TV too.. I’m just starting.. I will keep you posted.

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