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Maintaining erections

Maintaining erections

While it’s usually not a problem, I notice that it’s not always easy to hold my erection.

Any tips on how to hold on to it whenever I feel as if I’m about to go flaccid?

For what exactly, showbizz? Are we talking during sex, during jelqing?

I will make an assumption that you mean during jelqing. And we all know what making an assumption does. It makes an ass out of the ump and shuns the owners from paying you more. :D

ANYWAY, learning to control your erection level comes with time and practice. Learn ti visualize really well. If you need a bit more of an erection think of Natalie Portman doing her pole dance. If you need to calm down a bit, take a look at Hog’s Curvy Bird. (Swap those two, if Hog’s curvy bird turns you on). :D

Good luck to you. You’ll learn to control it. If you can’t try maybe switching how you jelq. Go from dry to wet or vice cersa. It worked for me.


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