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Maintaining Erection when Jelqing

Maintaining Erection when Jelqing

Been doing PE for about 2 weeks now but not sure if I’m Jelqing correctly as I’m finding it hard to keep a good level of erection while doing so.

Maybe I’m not using a tight enough grip?

And advice would be great?

Starting out BPEL 7.4" EG 5.3"

Short Term Goal EL 8.0" EG 5.8"

How much of an erection are you talking?

About 35% which feels pointless for jelqing

Starting out BPEL 7.4" EG 5.3"

Short Term Goal EL 8.0" EG 5.8"

There is nothing wrong with 35%, you would just be placing a higher emphasis on length. But if you want a higher erection you may need some other stimulation to help. In the past, I would watch a little porn to get an erection and then let it subside in order to continue my exercises.

Skeebo, I am just like pdesire. I can’t understand how some guys have trouble not cumming when jelqing because I have to do all I can to maintain 35%.

I am 20 years old and am getting blood work done to see if I have low testosterone. Weak erection or trouble maintaining one are some of the symptoms. You may want to look into that.

I tried porn for a while and it hurt more than it helped. Having an effective PE workout should not be determined by whether or not you have access to porn. I quickly became dependent on it and could not hold an erection to PE without porn.

Try concentrating on your penis. Just imagine the blood going into your penis. Visuals help. I also found that kegeling after the end of each jelq would pump new, freshly oxygenated blood into my unit.

I have heard many vets say not to use porn, but I am sure there are experienced members on both sides. I have seen gains with my method, but skeebo is right, mostly length. There are plenty of other girth exercises that you can do once you get the length you want.

You could also try things like Horny Goat’s Weed, but again the issue of dependence on something comes into play. I believe that in time, if all of your hormones are in order and you are not in bad health, your penis will get healthier (with more PE)and you will not have a problem maintaining an erection. It has gotten a little easier for me since I started again.

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