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Maintaining erection throughout routine

Maintaining erection throughout routine

Hey guys,

I´m having a problem with erection level throughout routine.
I don’t have a problem with erection when I´m with my girlfriend. I don’t have any problem with erection at all, although I used to have a problem with compulsive masturbation, I mean like 1 to 5 times a day. Right now I don’t watch porn except when I do my routine.

Usually the only good routine is the first or second one when I restart. After that I´m having hard time to make myself hard without porn. The rest of the routine sucks, it doesn’t give me any good indicators.

My routine is nothing hard, I started newbie, but I´m doing only like 8 minutes with low pressure ( the first routine in row) the others I’m using more force, because without it, I simply cannot reach the right erection level. Then I watch the porn, and the routine turns into sort of masturbation. So I think its not working anyway.

I think its a dead end. anyone know the solution? I was thinking about quitting porn completely, but after my 6 years of porn, I think my brain is going to protest for some time, maybe quitting PE for some time?

Thank you all.)

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You don’t need to be erect to PE. Anything from 20% to 70% will do.

I assume you are refering to jelqing.

Quit porn. Fuck your girl instead. It’s healthier.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Originally Posted by bill10

You don’t need to be erect to PE. Anything from 20% to 70% will do.

I assume you are refering to jelqing.

Quit porn. Fuck your girl instead. It’s healthier.


If you think porn is becoming a problem, and it sounds like it is… then you have to quit it, simple.

A lot of people have had similar problems to you, and there lives have improved immensely after quitting.

Also, try using your imagination more when jelqing, to help maintain the desired erection level.

Good luck! :)

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Check my thread on erotic meditation, do it before getting manually involved with PE. Just take a few minutes to get into the right mindset and calm down if needed.

Also not cumming too often should help.

I’ll tell you what I do in my routine. The first half of my PE session consists of jelqing at a very low erection level this exerts a much pull effect on the penis, more like you are jelqing while stretching.

The other half I do around 70-80% erection. At this level I am able to push more blood thus expanding greatly.

Hope this helps.


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