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Main goal: LENGTH!

Main goal: LENGTH!

I feel unsafe about these jelqs for some reason. It just seems like it won’t work for me because I have trouble maintaining proper levels of erections during sessions. Also it feels weird for me, I then have to worry about the side effects, erectile dysfunction, discolouration, etc. especially if I’m not sure if I am doing it properly or not.

So I’m just going to stick with manual stretches; The basic stretches (straight/left/right/down/upwards) 45 seconds and BTC’s for 3 sets of 5 minutes, or maybe more. Do I need hot wraps for stretches to ?

Do you guys think people can still gain decent length gains just from these stretches without jelq sessions? I’m aiming for 1-2 inches, actually I’ll be very thankful for a full 2 inch gain. I’ll also try to add in V-stretches.

Another question about BTC stretch, are you suppose to pull the penis downwards around your
‘cheeks’ area and then SIT on it ?

P.S. It’s been 4 weeks I have not seen any gains except for harder erections (probably from kegels). But I’m only doing these PE workouts for 3 days a week.


Do not be afraid of jelqs. This comes from another newbie.
Also, I think you should increase your schedule. Do the newbie routine, but go with a “2 on, 1 off” schedule.
When you feel your dick can handle all the handling, increase to a “3 on, 1 off”.
Increase the amount of jelqing and stretching when it get used to it. Do NOT skip days off.

Most importantly: Always warm up before your routine (even if it only includes stretching) if you want to avoid injury (not that you can’t injure yourself if you warm up, but it decreases the possibility).

I think you can increase from stretching alone, but remember, that jelqing also works as a stretching routine, so skipping jelqing decreases the amount of stretchtime (unless you increase that accordingly).

Kind regards TT

Read this excellent article by KOG: Jelqing & Stretching 101

Basically all we need to know at such an early point in our PE experience.

Kind regards TT

I’m a newbie, too. Don’t be afraid of jelqs, but respect them, and your dick. Make sure you do a good warmup/warmdown, and do NOT try to do too much too soon. Let yourself get conditioned.

I advanced my routine a little too quickly at first, experienced a little erectile “slowness” and thought I had ruined myself. Once you start thinking like that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I took a week or 10 days off PE and all is fine. (That was about a month ago.) Just take it slow and listen to your body.

Good luck!

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Your not going to gain 2inches stretching unless your using a device that provides a static pull. Hanging weights is your most effective method for adding length. Stretching is useful after hanging to help sustain cellular breakdown and recovery. Jelqing becomes necessary to build your member and the blood circulatory system that will turn your house into a home.

Strecthing and Jelqs alone wont give me the length I want? I need to hang to gain 2” to 3”?

How long should I do newbie routine before I start hanging?

Regardless what you do there is no guarantee you will gain 2+ inches with any technique. However, inorder to get on the road you will have to hang and you can begin immediately with about 5lbs. A lot will depend on your genetics, the vast majority will gain less than 2” over years of PE. The great benefits of PE is increased volume. Many experience an increase in volume of 300 to 500 percent. Volume is what counts in a gals “V”. I mean what good is a pencil dick??

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One additional question with respect to hanging. I read the golf weights threads, but I want to confirm. I wear 1.5-2 pounds right now as much as I can during the day, off days and on days before and after I hang. I log about 10-12 hours per day with the golf weights. I feel a slight slight tug, but not excess stretching. I read this on the thread which talks about healing, but not full healing. It said to give a slight pull, and don’t let the healing go back into the fat pad. Does this sound correct? Thanks!

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Any thoughts on pumping with a snug cylinder to acheive length gains? Hanging seems remarkably time consuming. It also seems to easily cause injury, especially bruising.

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