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Just curious if anyone knows what the required EG would be to snugly fit a standard Magnum condom.

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Originally Posted by rconkn
Just curious if anyone knows what the required EG would be to snugly fit a standard Magnum condom.

Best idea is to buy some (3 pack)and try them on.
Get them from a Major Retailer other wise you may buy fakes, yeah people counterfeit Magnum condoms also.

But for a “snugly fit” you need to have a 6”+ girth. (Feels snug to me .)

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I use them now, they fit well for me. I’m like 5.5 at base and ~5.2 MSG.

Why do no threads with magnum in their title ever have anything to do with Tom Selleck? ;)

With a 6.0+ girth, a Magnum and Magnum XL are tight. Keep in mind that greater girth will take from the length aspect of the condom.

A 5.5” girth would be a reasonable, but not constricting fit for these condoms. Keep in mind, while you can stretch a condom over your fist for example, that too tight a condom can cut off circulation and also numb your sensation.

So it feels pretty good, with a unit of around “Stumpy”(s) size, that I completely fill out a fully rolled down Magnum XL condom.

At close to 6” base girth Magnums fit me just right but I don’t have to wear them anymore. Prior to marriage, PE (7.5 x 5.5) and Thunders, I used normal condoms and found they were way too tight at the base but never thought I was quite big enough for Magnums. At 40 and looking back at all the women I fucked and even though I hate the feel of condoms, I’m sure glad I wore them when I did.

Funny thing is that here in Australia, they don’t have Magnum condoms and Magnum is a big ice cream bar on a stick dipped in chocolate. A while back when I first moved to Sydney I remember being alone with my sister in law at the house one day and she said she was going up to the shop to get some Magnums and I thought well this is going to be fun. She brought back Ice Cream. Hmmm.

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