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Magnum sized


It is not a marketing gimmick, I could not get a regular condom on my dick if it was mandatory, I have tried.

A regular condom can fit over any dick…it will just be extremely uncomfortable for some guys.

Originally Posted by jaylough
Christ that’s a good story bluray.I hope to replicate it in some way. Some girl called me “decent” one time and in her defence I asked her, hopefully in some time I can you know, hook up with her again and make her change her mind, haha.

I’m just still so skeptical about this whole thing though, like 5.5 to 7.2 I mean that just seems crazy

If you stay consistent I promise if you go back to her one day she will be giving you a confused look too lol. 5.5 - 7.2 still seems crazy to me too I am actually 7.5 during hardcore hanging routines. Keep in mind I have been working on altering my penis for 5 years now.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Originally Posted by 17ml
I find Magnums fit perfect, I would like to try a magnum XXl for a laugh, but I think it might be too loose?

XL’s get all wrinkly looking on me but I can use them and you are much thicker than I, go out and buy some! Or did you really mean XXL I thought it was a typo. lol

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Originally Posted by bluray
When I first started PE a normal condom could slip around on me but I have grown into Magnums and while I can get a normal condom on it is very uncomfortable now. I hooked up with a girl friend 1 week ago that I broke up with at the time I was just starting into PE, after I got her off we was just hanging out regaining our energy and the whole time I seen her looking at my open Magnum wrapper. Finally as I am getting dressed about to leave her house she asks since when have I been using those??? It felt good because she told me I had a small dick in high school when she had nothing to base that on other than what her sexually active friends told her and she knew the guys her friends talked about didn’t wear Magnums.

I have some Magnum XL’s I bought to try but they are too big for me so hopefully soon this girl can be puzzled why I have switched to XL’s.

Hell mother fuckin’ yeah, dude!

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I thought there were XXL Trojan magnum’s, I already wear magnums which are standard XL? Or am I wrong, Oh wait, typing while thinking after drinking isn’t a goo idea, oh, wait a minute, yes, I got it, I think it goes like this, Trojan magnum then Trojan magnum XL right? So while I’m saying XXL being one up from magnums what I really mean is probably XL lmao.

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I really have no clue man lol, I rarely use condoms so I don’t know what all is out there from Trojan. I would like to buy some XXXL condoms to keep around to freak my guy friends out though!

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Are these type of gains possible without doing any hanging?

Originally Posted by ddolphin
A regular condom can fit over any will just be extremely uncomfortable for some guys.

Perhaps you should look at my picture thread of me wearing an XL, and then decide if ANYONE can wear a regular condom.

Originally Posted by jaylough
Are these type of gains possible without doing any hanging?

Absolutely, maybe not for everyone. I have done some hanging, but it wasn’t my thing, and it had nothing to do with my gains. I got the vast majority of my gains from stretching, jelqing and some clamping. It can depend on your body though, you might not gain as easily as someone else would. Can’t really change that. On the flip side, you could be an easy gainer and have great success with a well executed manual exercise routine.

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My experience with magnums was positive and HORRIBLY negative. I am about 5 girth now and found that regular condoms were too tight and uncomfortable. I tried a magnum and it was perfectly comfortable it wasn’t too tight and it wasn’t too loose it wasn’t just falling off or re rolling itself. Randomly out of nowhere I put my magnum on and felt some nasty itching followed by some burning I ripped the condom off and along with it came my skin hello there latex allergy. I am very angry companies do not really make magnum sized latex free condoms. There are a few that claim to be bigger than regular ones but they aren’t really they are also uncomfortable.

Originally Posted by kiltya
I just tried magnum’s Monday night and found they fit pretty well. They are my alternate now if I can’t buy my favorite condom around here. I use Naturalamb brand condoms I like the feel and fit of these the best. They don’t feel like a regular condom and they are a bit wider. They only protect against pregnancy, which is all I need.

I agree with the naturalamb. Best condoms ever and a bit larger then regular size Trojan stuff. I tried magnums before and even though the fit was ok, the material was too thick. With naturalamb, I can feel every ridge inside the pussy.

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