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Made up mind

Made up mind

Hello Everyone,

I made my decision today.

I want a long thin penis.

I also want to grow my testicles a bit.

Any suggestions on how I can grow them.

I want to start the newbie routine today.

I would like to grow in LENGTH mostly not girth.

How would I jelq in order to gain LENGTH not girth from it?

By the end of 2 months I would like see some growth towards my 8.5” x 4.5” goal.

Lastly does masturbation hinder growth?

Why thin?

>Lastly does masturbation hinder growth?<

Yes, in the same way that elephants climb trees.

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I think you should look into some extenders for length, masturbation in it self probably only helps growth but why penetration is somewhat discouraged is that it pushes the penis back inside, so I would also watch out so that you don’t really push it in as much as pull out when doing the self gratification to aid gains

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Stats also at Profile

Seriously, who suggests penetration is not a good idea? The only way masturbation or penetration is likely to effect your gains is if you are doing your PE directly afterwards and you are in your refraction period.

I’d suggest avoiding the extender, there is not good evidence that they work on their own for greater than the first half inch easy gain you get from manual exercises anyway.

Start with the newbie routine but work up the stretches more than the jelqing as you go on.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

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