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Made gains after 2 months, now going BACKWARDS.Any advice

Made gains after 2 months, now going BACKWARDS.Any advice

Beginning Stats:
Erect length (not bone pressed) 6ish”
” Girth 4.8”

1. 5 min warm up - place it in water as hot as comfortable for 5 mins
2. 100 downward lig stretches, held for 2 secs each
3. 6 bundle tunica stretches each stretch 20 secs
4. Up to 30mins of double jelqs (when one hand reaches glans, keep it there with tight grip, bring other hand up to that hand with a jelq along shaft)
5. 3 second kegel in between each double jelq as hard as can

March 2006

Length 6.75”
Girth 5”

Length 6.25 (6.5 with a hard jelq)
Girth 5

What can I do to restart my progress? Also, that regimen was a bit too long time-wise. Any quick, effective exercises I should use instead?

Could the 1st measurement be wrong? Sometimes, I have flat out messed up with the ruler placement. Then again, if you have limited time in, you may be over training.

When you go backwards, it means you are trying too hard. Whenever I hear a guy say he is doing something as hard as he can, he is doing it wrong.

Days off days on? Make it two on one off, or one on one off. Before that I advise a de-conditioning break of at least a week.

You are over-working by the way. I’ve been PEing for over a year, and my duration is at least six times smaller than yours. I advise you cut down stretching by four times. Cut down jelqing by 1.5 times. Increase warm-up by 5 minutes; add another 5 minute warm-up in-between jelqing and stretching.

Keep us updated. :)

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Listen to The Beasty Ones advice! Less is more!

Thanks, guys. How about adding in another, more hardcore exercise, like Ulis?

Also, Beasty, something like:

1. Warm up
2. 20 downward lig stretches
3. Warm up
4. 10 mins of Jelqs?

I have to say, would be a lot more motivated if I didn’t have to spend as much time on the routine. Also, have you or anyone else made good gains from a brief routine?

Thanks again.


donk matey,

I have made good gains from a very brief routine. That sounds like it would do good. Watch your morning-wood for feedback on the routine. :)

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Oh,I see.Less is more.

Cheers, Beasty

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