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Madame's encouraging me


Originally Posted by Richard65

I have already asked her before I started to PE.
And she does not need more of me, but she supports me wanting more if it makes me feel better.
As long as she feels comfortable too it’s ok for both of us.

And maybe she shares a bit of my pride of getting bigger.
In relationships, it’s all about communication.

She sounds nice, like she really knows what she is doing in you guys communication.

I am a fellow butt-man and I totally get what you mean. Visually and physically it is just more satisfying when there is a larger contrast between the man and the woman. It really sounds like you have great affinity with each other though. To both enjoy the results of your exercise is fantastic and it will keep you motivated.

Your stats and progress really motivate me to keep to my regimen by the way.

Initial stats; BPEL 8.5 inch, EL 8.3 Inch, EG 6.4 inch. Goal; EL +1 inch, EG: Not a priority. Equal girth along the shaft.

Progress: 5 weeks: BPEL: 8.8 inch. (+7mm) EL: 8.6 inch (+7mm). SL: 8.9 EG: 6.7 averaged out (+4-8mm. Growth though failing to create equal girth along shaft)

Just so that guys are clear and wont start getting anxiety over what he is saying. If his wife is thick as he says she is, then that could be the equivalent to. 5 - 1 inch fatpad, then if he has a 1 inch fat pad himself, then all of a sudden his 8.6 BP turns into 6.6 nbp. Just putting that out there so that guys aiming for sizes smaller don’t start getting a distorted view on this.

Starting: 6 7/8 EL X 4.8 EG (estimated since I didn't measure)

Current: 8.5 EL X 5.5 EG

Goal: 8.5 X 6.25


I guess your calculations are adequate. I have a little bit less fat pad, being on the skinny side of life, but that’s well compensated on my beloved counterpart.

And anxiety - nobody should get it! I may have a higher starting point, but we’re here for talking growth, not sheer size.

And after all: my dick looks tiny compared to Madame’s adorable bottom.

:-) :-) :-)

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