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Lymphocoele, again.

Lymphocoele, again.

This bugging problem makes another comeback, yet again. The lymph vessels underside my glans penis is dilated and there is a nodule. It refuses to bulge as it seems there’s a vein wrapping over lymph vessel where the firm nodule is currently stuck. It’s very prominent during full erection and had been there for 1 week by now. I’ve tried light jelqing with heat application, the damn thing just refuses to bulge at all !

The lymph vessels distal to the nodule seems to be dilated at times, however not consistently so. I have also checked for any other nodules down the vessel to my abdomen, there’s nothing I can feel off. Is there any solution for this problem, as I’m unable to continue with my PE routine without getting the damn thing off my unit !

Any suggestion, guys?

Any way to reduce the nodule?

Who diagnosed it as a Lymphocoele?

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