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Lurker Breaking the Ice

Lurker Breaking the Ice

Hey All!

Been using the search button for about three months now. What a wealth.
Like a good boy I took my stats before I started, like a dumbass, I didn’t write the date I took them.
I don’t have much time in the day, and my days are long, so my routine is “when I can do it”.

Anyway, my wife and I are currently about 1500 miles apart and on my last visit a few weeks ago, she said “OMG! You’ve grown! Are you pumpin’?”
My reply was “what’s that?” She goes “you know, those things they sell in the back of magazines”.”No, I’m not”. I say.
She replies “well, you know they say your ears and penis keep growing as you get older, maybe you just had a spurt”. “Yeah, must be that” (I’m 43).
Then last night night after a very romantic evening (on the phone), I told her that I had been doing manual exercises, for me.
She was cool w/ it, but said, “please don’t get too big”.
She and I fit together well, I reach the top and fill her up on the sides, sometimes hurting her when she’s on top, we fit real good, been together nine years, and three babies.

I wouldn’t mind a little more length if it comes, girth would be OK, too. I have a curve to the right, more like a twist. So I twist left, pull, and hold (plus some of the newbie routine). I’m almost straight after just a few months!
I’m also going to start to work on FL as I tend to turtle, and would rather dangle (maybe knock out that pot of “caf” in the AM, but I’ve always turtled and my four year old turtles as well, I believe it’s genetic).

Just like to thank Thunder and everyone here for smart advice and loads of info. USE THE SEARCH BUTTON, really.

I just built a a PJ’er and think I have an improvement for it, but that’s another post.
Also have an idea for a hanger/ ADS based on a thread I read, yet, another post.

Thanks Again,
Oh, BTW, I hover around 6 7/8 x 5 3/4. Or did a few months ago!

Great first post, welcome to theposting side of Thunder’s! Congrats on your gains, and congrats on learning the ropes through self-study/search!

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Welcome to the posting side of the forum, inchworm! Looking forward to hearing from you again…


Thanks guys,
Don’t know if I’ve really seen any gains except for the straightening. I think if any, it’s been a little girth, but the penis just feels thicker, like “more mass” thicker. I am starting to feel lig pops as of about a week and a half ago. I’ve used a ring for about the last ten-eleven years and I know I’ve gained some girth from that (just from the teenager type erections that don’t leave after I’ve cum). I made a real nice traction device from ideas from here, but scrapped it as it wasn’t for me. Tried hanging last year w/ a crude noose (I know, I know. But I didn’t back then).

I’m thinking of pumping (since my wife already thinks I do) w/ a sleeve or innertube, continue manual stretch w/a twist, PJ’s, and maybe do a little hanging. The wench I built (Cap’ns) is a little cumbersome and time consuming, again, not much time for that. I think heat is a MUST and use the rice sock before, during and after.

One other thing fellow newbies, practice Kegals! I’ve been doing those for a long time (never like 1000 a day or anything).
If I cum before my wife does, I can almost ALWAYS Kegal one outta her before I go soft!

Thanks Again for the welcome,

Hey. :)

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