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Lump on Shaft-Please read

Lump on Shaft-Please read

I have developed a lump on my shaft,on the upper-right side below the head.It’s is biggest at the upper-right “corner” of the shaft,but I can feel that there is a long structure under the skin,it runs down the side of the shaft to below the head,and up to the top of the shaft around the dorsal nerve area,again being largest in the middle.It is largest during erection,being a large and very noticeable lump.After an erection it slowly subsides but never goes away completely,and I have noticed that if I press on it I can get it to shrink a bit.There isn’t any significant discomfort and as of yet it doesn’t seem to be red or inflamed (no painful swelling).This came up a few days ago the day after a slightly more intense jelqing session.I have since halted my PE until I can come to a conclusion on this.All input will be greatly appreciated.

You have probably been overdoing the exercises. It only re-occurs when you do exercises so it would be a good idea to lay off for a week or two and let the damaged tissue repair.

Then when you re-start take things a bit more easy.

If after giving a rest it returns; then come back to us. But give us information of what you are doing , so that perhaps we can advise you further

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