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Luckily the ideal isn't very small.

Luckily the ideal isn't very small.

Today I imagined , what would it be like if the ideal we’re small and not big.

Hundreds of years ago, the ideal was small, you can see that by the dick size of the male statues.
The smaller guys of us would be mad happy, because then they we’re in the position the big guys are in now .
But the majority, the ones with more or less normal size and all the hung guys would be hopeless and desperate.

We all know now that it is possible to make your dick bigger. But smaller? When I was thinking about techniques and methods to reduce your penis in size, nothing came to my mind. You can make your balls smaller e.g. By taking steroids. But not your cock..
I know somehow it is stupid what I am saying as me myself is not big( just 5.5” ) but on the other hand I am right. I gained 0,5” in length in about 5 month what I consider good gains. I am into PE and I love seeing my dick growing. If the ideal would be, I don’t know, let`s say not 6 plus 2 inches, but 6 minus 2 inches, so 4 inches. Terrible thought because it is impossible to get there, at least as far as I know.
Of course , yeah, for the very small guys the title of my post doesn’t fit . Then all of a sudden, they would be the ones with the desired size.
It was just a thought.

I don’t know about making your cock smaller, but you can easily make it thinner. The key is a trash compactor and alot of pain killers.

It’s an interesting idea. :-)


Yeah, they used to love fat babes too. You can see it in art earlier in history. All the sexiest models we’re chubby chics. It’s all conditioning. If you can get beyond that you’re free. Obviously I can’t or I wouldn’t be here trying to get a big wanker.

A penis is not just for looks, though. I wonder if those women ‘unlucky’ enough to get a guy with a big penis were secretly smiling at home.

Damn I would be the sex monster

The most easily recognized iconic example - let’s say of classical male beauty, proportions etc - is Michelangelo’s David obviously. One theory about his size goes that his moment of pensiveness shows his state before going to battle. So David is fearful. His dick reacts accordingly.

I've got to head this boat south pretty soon

Yes, back in the day plump fair skinned women were considered hot. If a woman was tan and/or slim, she was thought of as poor, a starving peasant that surely worked out in the sun.

But Thundersplace would have been thought of as a PR site. A Penis Reduction site and we all would be doing binding and shortening routines. Instead of using a rice sock, ice packs would be used.

:-k :

“… Hanging out at a marina when Steve Martin calls saying anybody there really want to get SMALL.”

Jimmy Buffet

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