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Hey guys I’ve been a member of this site for a while now but have only tried this out for like 3 weeks at a time, I always loose heart and give up but I always think about starting again. I’ve kind of started thinking about how different my gf might treat me if I was just an inch or 2 bigger n abit thicker. I’m just over 5 inches bone pushed fully erect and I’m around the 4.5 inches mark on girth. I’ve been put on beta-blockers for my heart n I’ve heard that they can make your erections weaker, does anyone know the facts on this? Anyway with those 2 things playing on my mind I’ve thought about giving this a really good go now and I think 6 months is a good time frame for me to be looking at just a 1 inch gain and maybe some girth? Anyway sorry the main reason I’ve started this is to ask all you pro jelqers and maybe even a noob with some tips, what can I use to lube up my dick apart from lube because it is so expensive? Would oil be good? I think I’ve seen something about using conditioner is bad? Anyway if anyone has any advice then please let me know.


What kind of lube are you referring to, that’s too expensive? There are a lot of lubes that are cheaper than astroglide. I like the strore-brand equivalent of KY, (quite cheap) because I prefer water-based lubes. If it gets a little dry you can easily perk it up with a few drops of water. A lot of guys like olive oil, mineral oil, or vaseline. Also any lotion that’s made for your skin would work. Conditioner should be OK, but not shampoo or soap. It’ll all be up to what you prefer. As stated, I like water based because there’s virtually no clean-up as opposed to oily or greasy like vaseline or mineral oil.

When you re-start with the newbie routine, stick with it and enjoy the gains as they come. An inch in 6 months might be just a bit optimistic, but give it a go. Be careful and good luck!

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An inch in 6 months is a lot to ask for. But I have read of more astonishing things so I am sure it is possible for some people.

I personally use baby oil and it works well for me. I mainly use it because I always have it around but it does work for me.

Best of luck and I hope you reach your goals. sells a great 16oz personal gel in a pump bottle for $14.95 plus shipping. I also think 1” is overly optimistic. I started at about your size 8 months ago and have gained maybe about 1/2 inch and I am also using an extender, a pump, and a clamp. When you start small, 1” is a major gain - 20%. If you have a good relationship with your GF, I’m sure she can wait a year or so for that extra inch.

Popular question. My personal preference for jelqing and masturbating is Albolene. Wonderful stuff.

You should look at this thread for other opinions. What’s the best lube for jelqing

Also - one inch in six months is a lot to hope for. Go for a half inch in six months and an inch in a year. Otherwise, you’re just asking for an injury which puts you out of the game.

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Hey thanks guys it’s nice to see some of your ideas. Things seem to be getting worse as my gf has just left me and it’s kind of another thing on my mind now, anyway enough of that I’m just gonna go for this now and try my hardest to stick to it. As for why I asked this question and about saying that lube cost too much, I was just thinking that due to the amount you use over the 6 months n the fact that I’ve lost my job, as you can see I’m almost rock bottom lol but the only way from hear is up. Thanks for your replies guys and thanks for wishing me good luck, I’m gonna find the beginners routine and give it my best. Oh and as for the inch in 6 months I’m glad that you guys gave me abit of a more realistic goal, not like the sites that say 4 inches is possible in like 6 months lol. Just need to see my first gain and I will be hooked, I’ve just never got to that part.. Yet :P

Thanks guys

Sorry about your situation, 5inch. Until you can afford water soluble lube, you can always use vegetable oil without any problems.

Thanks dtwarren I’m going to start tonight I think, make it official :D

Originally Posted by 5inch2007uk

Thanks dtwarren I’m going to start tonight I think, make it official :D

No better time than the present!! Good luck and enjoy the journey.

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Originally Posted by clgp7
No better time than the present!! Good luck and enjoy the journey.

Amen to that! Best wishes for you 5inch, I hear the road might be long for some, but it is worth it!

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