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Lube Question

Lube Question


Does anyone have a good recommendation for a cheap lube? I’ve been using KY, but when I look at the price of it, and the amount I would use PEing, it starts to add up. Basically I only use the lube to jelq (don’t want to dry jelq), so it really only has to lubricate. Water based would be cool too. So does anyone have any cheap alternatives to KY?

What discount stores do you have in Canada? Anything like Target, or Wal Mart? They sell a generic KY for less then half the original KY cost.

I buy natural oils (jojoba, almond, olive). Not too expensive, esp. in large quantities, which seem to last forever. Available at the local supermarket (even in Canada :-)

I would agree with Plustwo.

Go to London Drugs and get a tin drum of grapeseed oil.

Or go to the “Everything for a Dollar Store” and get some Lander creams, oils, and such.

If you still can’t find anything, let me know, I’ll see if I can help.

I do sell Lubes and Lotions at the store. I would be happy to send some out your way, or help you find a place nearby.

Try soap in the shower, we have this conditioner that works great too.

I use Vaseline.

I’m presently trying Jason’s 25,000 IU Vit E moisturizing cream. Feels great, is good for skin, helps repair any slight skin damage. I’ve also begun using a therapeutic ultrasound unit (Sonic Relief — $250 approx) while hanging with bib starter on the exposed area of shaft. If Vit E cream is applied first on exposed area before applying gel, the Vit E may be driven deeper into tissues.

The other item I’ve had great success with is Sunrose Ointment. It has various essential oils purported to go deep into tissues, but what I am sure of is a more colorful shaft. Makes your penis look and smell like a yak.
(Or some sort of animal.) Heli-rose was far superior but it’s no longer available. That gave a nice tannish-orange glow.

Finally, don’t laugh — Prep H ointment. At one point I had a slight rash & nothing would get rid of it. I tried Prep H ointment for the H*** of it, and it cured the rash. Feels great, smells .. Well .. It smells.

I use cocoa butter, and a drop of spit and away you go

All about the vaseline baby, the best stuff IMO. Kinda messy but all of em are

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Natural oils cant be used with condoms right?

I don’t know where it ranks on the “cheap” scale, but Astroglide is the bomb. Wouldn’t use anything else.

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I just use plane ole Vaseline intensive care lotion which cost around 5 dollars for 24.5 oz bottle. Cheap and each bottle last me about a month.

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