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lube/lotion question

lube/lotion question


What kind of lube/lotion can you use for jelqing? Any reccomendations such as Vaseline, Aveno, etc?

I think that the two favourites are Baby oil and KY jelly. Really it’s about personal preference. If you do a search I think there are also some recipes for home made stuff if you are really adventurous. Cocoa butter has also been mentioned, I think.

I use baby oil gel with vitamin E and aloe vera, I find that it’s not as messy as baby oil, but lasts for longer than KY, it’s cheaper and it’s less embarrassing to buy. Although KY is good if you keep it topped up with water, I just find it gets a bit sticky if you don’t.

A word of warning though. Don’t use soap or other such things. At best it’ll dry your dick out, at worst it’ll cause major irritation and you’ll have a red raw dick for a couple of weeks.

As I said it’s really down to personal preference, try both and see what suits you. Either could raise some questions sat in your bathroom cabinet, but potential embarrassment can be avoided if you remember a simple excuse like “The baby oil helps the dry patches on my elbows” or “I don’t like dry humping”.

If you want more info do a search and you’ll find quite a few threads on the subject.


I use KY jelly, and like previously mentioned, dip my fingers in a bowl of warm water when it starts to dry out. This keeps it really slick and clean up is a breeze. (Actually I use the Target or Wal Mart equivalent water based lube, that sells for about $2 a tube. Much cheaper then KY)

Thanks, I think I’ll get the baby gel

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