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Lube For Jelqing

Lube For Jelqing

Currently I am using Johnson & Johnson baby soap in the shower when i jelq. Tried various uncented massage lubes by find them to go dry and sticky to quick. Any tips would gratefully appreciated.

Happy PEing Kdub

Vaseline lasts longer, it`s a bit sticky though!

yeah vaseline rocks!

I’ve started jelqing with body-oil. It wasn’t bad at all, but I had to re-lube my dick at a good long jelqing-session. Vaseline lasts forever :D

I don’t like Vasoline. It’s not water soluble and leaves a reisidue that causes me itching. I prefer a good hypo allergenic vitamin E cream. I really don’t mind relubing. This may not work so well in the shower …

I have tried lots of different lubes but have found that Johnson’s Baby Oil, or Vitimin E Oil is the best. I can Jelque as long as I want with Baby Oil.

Vegetable oil, in a mustard sqeeze bottle. It’s cheap, not sticky, cleans up pretty easily, and it isn’t mineral-based. And it’s cheap. Did I mention that it’s inexpensive, too? :)


I use baby oil gel. It has all the advantages of baby oil, without going everywhere. It also has vitamin E, which I understand is good for something or other. It lasts a long time (although needs reapplying after 15min or so, but that’s hardly a hardship is it?), is cheap and most importantly it washes off easily, so I don’t have a sloppy cock for the rest of the day.

I perfer Abolene ,its stay with you forever. You can buy it in the makeup dept in any drug store. Great stuff for sex in the hot-tub.

I use mineral oil. It’s like baby oil without the cloying smell.

Vaseline works well!

I just started Jelqing a few weeks back and found that vaseline works very well!

Good Luck!

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Originally Posted by RubberBandMan
Vegetable oil, in a mustard sqeeze bottle. It’s cheap, not sticky, cleans up pretty easily, and it isn’t mineral-based. And it’s cheap. Did I mention that it’s inexpensive, too? :)


I like the cooking oils too, but I like to spend a little more on the extra virgin olive oil. Mainly because the brand I buy has a picture of the ‘extra virgin’ on it climbing a tree with her legs wrapped around the tree. :D It’s pretty hot. Just wrap the bottle in a heating pad for five minutes on low heat before you use the heating pad to warm up. Warm oil baby!

can’t see the girl real well in the picture though

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OK my two cents here I would suggest the use of Ky Jelly, its awesome for jelquing, also I have read in here at one time or another a guy that kept a warm bowl of water next to him while jelquing and as he jelqued whatever lubrication he was using would become thicker and slow down and he would dip his had in the warm water and the warm water would re-lube the lube and it works like a champ.

Not sure if it would work with all the lubes in here but if you get a chance to test this theory out, I’d be curious to know if warm water improves the viscosity of the lube you use.

I guess I use it because I don’t have to apply a lot of lube, when the lube seems to have run its course, instead of using more lube, I dip my hand in the water, and it brings the lube back to life.

And talk about the lube savings. lol

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I like aveeno lotion. It lasts a long time. I can do about 200 reps before needing to re lube. it Also keeps the skin silky smoooth. The wife likes that…..

I tried Glycerin - it didn’t work too well.

I used some lotion also but I wasn’t wild about it.

I think I’ll try to use some of the oils that you guys have suggested.

Well I have experimented with a few lubes since the start of this post and Johnson & Johnson baby oil gel is awesome stuff. Not to slippy and lasts for ever. I put a good coating on then wipe off excess with a wash cloth. The thin coating lasts for about 200 strokes or there abouts. No mess and easy to wash off.

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