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Lower Impact Stretching

Lower Impact Stretching

Hello All!

Great wealth of knowledge here, thx for much of the stuff I have read regarding PE. Been here a few times to check out some techniques. Been doing PE for about 4 months (I took 1 month off though.) Took a while to try to find a steady routine that I felt was working well. Still looking for a simple but effective routine to increase length.

All the routines I have tried involve wet and dry jelqs, ballooning, and some simple stretches. I have gained .70 erect inches in length, and .45 in width. Obviously this was more profound at first, taking advantage of “newb growth” and slowed to .12-.15 over the last month. I have had little luck with any intense stretching however. I am currently 6.60 in x 5.45 in, and would like to focus more on length at the moment.

I have not had much luck with BTC or V/A stretches because of an inability to get a good grip to sustain any kind of maintained stretch. If I try too hard, I wind up busting vessels and getting bruised. This does not happen even with the most intense jelqs and squeezes. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a maintained stretch ROUTINE or DEVICE that could assist in doing so; with little squeezing so close to the glans. Or with an effective grip without squeezing the life outta my buddy 8).

Any and all help, as always, Is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much in advance, And gratz to all the successes in PE!


Try using toilet paper, latex gloves or baby powder for the stretching grip.

Thanks for the reply thus far! To be more specific: I have no trouble getting a grip, but the squeezing force needed to maintain it is rough on my glans. I usually use powder and I don’t get any slippage. I’m going to look around for a device, or maybe how to make one, that can grasp and hold the stretch without too much force squeezing down on the shaft. Any further tips suggestions is appreciated! Thanks!

Grip a little lower on the shaft.

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