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Low Testosterone


Man boobs dont go away with exercise, if they are mostly glandular mass. If you have had man boobs most of your life it is most likely glandular, and will require surgery. I know because I live that nightmare, since 2nd fking grade, had surgery at 14, decent results, but gained alot of weight, now my boobs are back, but shaped differently and are mostly fat, which can be lost, but surgery will still be required. If you are as unfortunate as I am, surgery is your only hope, and even with surgery you may never have a normally flat chest.

Oh yeah, life is a bitch

I saw 2 plastic surgeons, but I don’t have 5,000 at this time :(

Since I am older I thought for sure that I was suffering from testosterone. Went to an endrocinologist and he did a super examination.

My testosterone was fine. He said that I had depression. He put me on anti depressants and I am coming around.

"Drunk chics dig me."

Originally Posted by SmallPenisMan42
Who said I wasn’t serious about lifting? I lifted everyday.. Everyday. Most of my body parts grew well. My max bench press was 285 :) My arms were always just weak and would never grow.

Something is not right here. Your strong enough to bench more than most average males and you think you have low testosterone? Impossible.
Do you wake up with morning erections???

THis is a longshot, but do you take steriods or any other testosterone enhancing substances?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Good for you, see the doctor. If there is anything wrong with me “might” find out about it. I also think it is very important to look at you diet and stop lifting, I think it would be better to do sports like running. Also there is a lot of minerals and vitemins which might give you a helping hand. If you really want to lose weight you could try the stuff bodybuilders use, when they loose weight right before an turnement. But thats not healty and stuff like that should not be used for a long time, because it puts pressure on your heart.

I think there is a lot of stuff you could try out, healty stuff. Forget about surgery. Think about it.

Dude - your crazy. 5'9" and 165 lbs. (174 cm. and 75 kg.) Come on Crazy, do the workout. Dammit. Need motivation. My rutine. Lenght: Manuel strech, hanging. Grith: Jelc, Sadsak Slinky, Ring. Curve: Jelc and errect bend against the curve ELBP......EG..........Date 7.500.....5.500......2001-07-15 8.250.....5.750......2003-03-15 8.500.....5,750......2003-06-13 - stopped for 2 years 8.250.....5,750......2005-06-13 9.000.....6.500......Goal

No I Don’t take steriods. I rarely have morning wood. WHen I PE Though and take arginine, I get morning wood. Kind of sucks it’s not natural.

I’m not going to an endo, I realize it’s stupid considering my bench press :/

I guess tho I am depressed :/

Originally Posted by SmallPenisMan42
No I Don’t take steriods. I rarely have morning wood. WHen I PE Though and take arginine, I get morning wood. Kind of sucks it’s not natural.
I’m not going to an endo, I realize it’s stupid considering my bench press :/
I guess tho I am depressed :/

A couple of things. I have what’s called Kallmanns Syndrome. My mid-cranial deformity is such that my pituitary gland is squeezed and can produce very little testosterone. I’m on androgel and need to be on testosterone therapy for the rest of my life.

I’m 40 now, and have a 6”x5.5” cock. By all rights, because of my KS I should have what’s called a micro-penis and have massive osteoparosis problems. I don’t for three reasons: 1) I take my KS seriously enough to see my endo every year for a checkup and take - what you call - unnatural testosterone. 2) I’ve worked hard, very hard, to stay away from depression. Depression is a double edged sword. It takes away your body’s ability to produce/process testosterone and you get even more depressed if you lack the “drive” testosterone gives you. 3) I’ve PE’d most of my life, even before I knew what PE was. I got this BAD vibe from my endo when I told him I was 17 and had a three inch dick, zip on girth. He said my dick was probably going to stay that way. I panicked and swore I would do anything I could to have a normal life and a normal dick.

Strength has nothing to do with testosterone. I had very little test. in High School and I was a shotputter and a javelin thrower for my track team. You asked if you should see an endo, get off your lazy ass and see one. Worse thing he’ll say is you’re normal.

Your describing exactly what I was when I was 17. I contemplated suicide because of my depression which is why this thread and you are pissing me off. You whine about your problem and refuse to do anything about it.

Second thing you need to do is break the cycle of depression. Have anti-depressants prescribed if you have to, just break the cycle.

Third is quit being so self defacating (no, I don’t mean self-deprecating).

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Excellent post muttley.

You’re quite the sage for only 40. I’d never heard of KS. Good effing for you.

I saw an endo before my surgery and all my tests came back normal…. There is nothing to explain my gynecomastia. Just silly luck of the draw shit.


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