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Low repetition Jelq sessions


Low repetition Jelq sessions

I’ve just started PE and have been wet jelqing for 30 reps with 3 second strokes using a 2 day on 1 day off protocol.

This seems like low reps to me but I’ve been waking up in the morning with a much thicker flaccid size. The thick flaccid usual returns to normal within minutes of waking up.

My question is should I continue to use 30 reps in my jelq session because of my thicker flaccid or should I increase the reps.


If you want to continue to use 30 reps, but increase the duration of each jelq, be a 100 % focused each rep, feel the blood moving, then you can build on from there.

At some point you’ll need to add more jelqs and play with erection level if you want to gain girth.

What you’re doing should help with EQ.

Thanks for the reply.

So you’re saying that the PI of me waking up with a thick flaccid isn’t indicative of forthcoming gains?

Originally Posted by mishka
Thanks for the reply.

So you’re saying that the PI of me waking up with a thick flaccid isn’t indicative of forthcoming gains?

It is a positive PI and is indicative of better blood flow which is one key to gaining successfully but you will most likely need to increase your reps.

Try going to 40 reps and see how you respond. You can also add sets but increase slowly.

You should look at some of the beginner routines. They will offer safe and proven advice.

You guys do not need to do that many jelqs. I have read guys here doing anywhere from 200 to 300 jelqs. What a waist of time. If you do quality jelqs, you don’t have to do so many, simple as that. i did quality jelqs all the time and I am 6.375 girth and I haven’t PE’d in years and have not lost and gains, although I wish I would, but that is another story.

Quality Jelqs! not Quantity Jelqs, Quality.

So do you guys want to know what a quality jelq is? I will explain. Some of the older vets do it this way as well. I always made my PE a study and to know what was going on during PEing. I learned focus and concentration during each exercise just knowing and felling what exactly is going on and what I am feeling and where I need work.

Quality jelqs are not about time, it how you do them, and yes focus is key. I don’t jelq anymore or have PE’d in years, but here has been my observation reading many threads and posts of members jelq workouts. Many members try to see how many jelqs they can do in an hour and try to reach that same number the next time they resume their jelqing exercise. What they are failing to do is focus and concentrate if they are getting all they can from one jelq. This is what I mean, jelqing to fast from base to glands forces the blood to quickly go right back down to the base and as a result, the jelq isn’t fully finished, because of lack of pressure.

This was what I consider a quality jelq. First of all, everybody has a preference as to what state of erection one should be, and that is entirely up to the person doing the exercise and how their unit is feeling. This is very important. I preferred my unit to be almost erect. I would do the o-ring grip around the base of penis with my palm facing me not squeezing yet, push towards my pelvic bone stretching the skin towards the bone as well. Tightly squeeze the grip and slowly sliding the grip up my shaft to the glands. being aware of what is going on and what area need more work. I will get to that one in a bit. As I slowly reach to my glands I hold for a bit and quickly start the next jelq not to loose blood pressure and do the same paying attention to what area needs more work. Once you are accustomed to this way of jelqing you will know what area needs more work by the amount of pressure you feel in that area. You will feel pressure but maybe not as much pressure as you would feel in other areas of your penis. This where you need more focus on the weaker areas. You will slide your tight grip slowly to that area and I mean slow and hold for a few seconds then continue the rest of the jelq. you will feel pressure, but you will learn to ease up if necessary, because you can get the infamous red dots. When easing up, do not let too much pressure out but just enough to continue. Of course this going to hurt a bit, but so does clamping, pumping and hanging.

This all pretty simple and you will always be aware of what you are doing since the jelqs are a very tightly squeezed and slowly taken to the glands. As mentioned it is important to start out correctly. Place the o-ring grip around the base of penis, palm facing you not squeezing yet, pushing towards the pelvic bone stretching the skin towards the bone as well. Tightly squeeze the grip and slowly sliding the grip up the shaft to the glands. Lube works very well with this but not necessary. After 20 of these you will notice how swollen your shaft will be. This is not a race for time nor is it a competition of how many one can do in a certain amount of time. It is all about concentration and focus. If it takes a person 300 jelqs to get what I got with 20, then that is their problem. I just know that I am not fatigued when I consider that my unit has had enough for the day. Plain and simple. If I feel like 10 more fine, but I never over did it, and I was always aware of what needed work if at all. I didn’t waist any of my time, I treated jelqing like an art and a science.

This what I consider a quality jelq. It worked for me. I hope this helps or gives some insight to what you may want to customize for yourself. Guys, PE is very simple. Not only did I reach goal, but surpassed it by a long shot. 8.5 BPEL X 6.375 EG, haven’t PE’d in years.

Great post man!

Did you do other exercises or only jelqing?

Great post TNT , I agree with your description of quality jelqs.
I have been jelqing this way for the past two weeks and I don’t feel I need more intensity at all.
It can actually get too intense easily, I do them very slowly and a 100 % focused, feel what’s happening. I also play with this An idea on jelqing .
When I use this idea, the jelq becomes more of a very slow moving squeeze .
1) I grip at the base and squeeze while still midshaft with the jelqing hand
2) I keep the jelqing hand behind the glans once the other one starts (squeezing effect)
3) I keep it midshaft and start jelqing with the base grip, then I either move the two at the same time, or move the further one first.

I don’t recommend this for newbies.

If you up it to 40 you’d hit enough time under tension to stretch your soft tissue. Then at least you know for a fact you’re doing something every session and can manipulate frequency.

Originally Posted by DozeKnow
If you up it to 40 you’d hit enough time under tension to stretch your soft tissue. Then at least you know for a fact you’re doing something every session and can manipulate frequency.

The way I described it, you don’t have to. A quality jelq can be a very intense exercise. You don’t want to manipulate frequency. You don’t want to fatigue your penis, your EQ may drop. This a good way of exercising using focus and concentration and believing everything you are doing during the exercise is working. It is all in the mind.

I think you missed the point. Read the post again and think about what you are reading. I went from approximately 5 EG (don’t remember anymore) to 6 EG in about a year, I continued and got to 6.375 EG. Is that not proof enough that this is an effective way of jelqing. this not about how many jelqs you can do, it is how much you can get out of each jelq. This so fucking simple.

Do what you feel in necessary for yourself

I’m not disagreeing with you TNT, sorry if it came across that way. That is some very impressive gaining and you definitely know what you’re doing- I’ve actually started to make my technique more like yours. I just wanted to chime in to say, if you don’t hint the 2 min mark, you won’t change the quality of the structure because that is the amount of TUT that these tissues need to change. From there you may/may not want to manipulate frequency, because if your recovery capacities are good and you hit the tissues several times a day, you’re building off of the previous efforts in a partially fatigued and partially adapted state, as opposed to hitting them when they’ve become thicker later.

I guess a video with the erection percentage will explain a Little bit better, but anyway its great your post TNT

Is there any video of quality jelqing because I think you stretch the skin too much at the base if you do that!

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