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Hello all,

So I am new to PEing. I will be starting the newbie routine. I tested my LOT and it is 6:00. Reading through the LOT theory, It seems advantageous for me to start with stretches from 9:00-12:00 while doing kegels. Since I have mild ED issues, jelqing may not be so good for me, instead focusing on kegels.

To the veterans, does this sound like a good starting point? I of course will warm up well before doing any stretches. Also, would kegeling periodically through out the day be of benefit, or is this too much for a beginner. Your input would be very well appreciated.

Thanks very much.

To the veterans sounds like you are bothering about something meaningless: LOT theory. Kegeling is ok; for ED jelqing would be very good too, if you can’t reach an high degree of erection do with lower erection, they will benefit your penis anyway.

How about doing kegels throughout the day? When I sit at my desk in work, or at home or any other time when I want to work those small muscles. Could I overtrain them?

I seem to be able to pinpoint the BC muscle without flexing my anus muscles that much. I envision that I start squeezing from the tip of my dick and extending down to the taint. I seem to be able to hold reps for 5 seconds from the start. Besides length and girth, I really want to cure my mild ED. I use cialis which gives me a raging hardon but not having to pay for it would be great.

Kegel’s through the day is ok; overtraining with Kegel’s hardly can have tragic consequences. I dooubt they can help that much with ED, though. To help with ED, a moderate systematic girth work is the best; jelqs are the base; pumping at mild pressure has shown nice effects even in clinic studies, could be better than cialis & c., actually.

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