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Low LOT, what to do

Low LOT, what to do

Ok, so I read up on the several threads dedicated to LOTS and I am still confused.

I am not confused on how to find yours out.

I gripped behind my head and got it in the 12 o’clock position and stretched it upward. Then I proceeded to kegal. And did this as I worked my way do the clock. Only when I got down to 5 - 6 oclock did I notice I wasn’t pulling back anymore. So I guess I have an extremely low lot.

Now, since I have a downward bend, does this suprise anyone? I notice that only when I am fully hard does my dick usually take a “straight out” angle even though with the bend it doesn’t look straight out.

So my question is this.

When doing stretches and jelqs (dry and wet), should I be doing this in basically any angle higher then 5 oclock? or should I just shoot upward at like 8 oclock? Do I do this for all my stretches and jelqs?

Do I mix them, some high, some low. Those are some of my basic questions. I know that going high works the tunaca, right? and south works the ligs. So I am not quite sure what I am strong in, ligs or tunaca.

Anymore information is appreciated. Also, please don’t direct me to any other post unless you think it directly answers my question. I went through like 5 posts today and all their accompying pages and couldn’t quite figure out the answer, mostly because every other post was , “so is this correct?”

Thanks in advance

Correction. I meant 6 - 6:30 oclock, not 5. my bad

In a nutshell;
High LOT - stretch/hang as far below your LOT as possible, between the cheeks (BTC) or Straight down (SD) (working your ligs)
Low LOT - stretch/hang as far above your LOT as possible, at least straight out (SO), preferably over the shoulder (OTS) (working the tunica)

All your exercises should follow this guide.

Ok. Well, honestly, having a LOT at 6 kinda forces you to have to do it higher anyways :)

I guess having a low lot makes sense as I have hung flaccid for quite some time at a decent length, usually around 4.5”.

Do you think, by chance, after doing high stretching and stretching the tunaca, it could possibly help the bend in my penis?

Along with my last question, do all my jelqs (wet and dry) need to be in the upward direction, not just stretching?


Originally Posted by johngreen38
Do you think, by chance, after doing high stretching and stretching the tunaca, it could possibly help the bend in my penis?

I doubt it.
It is possible to your jelqs at any angle and it will still hit the tunica, but the higher the angle of the jelq/stretch/what ever, the greater the proportion of force that will be borne by the tunica. That is, if you stretch at lower angles, some of the force will be hitting the ligs even thought they have minimal potential for gains.

Having said all that, I could never jelq up and get any benefit from it. It just felt all wrong to me.

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