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Low LOT - No gain in length

Low LOT - No gain in length

I have been jelqing for 2 months (300-500 reps at 40-80%) and using the pro extender for 8 hours for 1 month and have no gains in length.

My girth is growing.

I have a low LOT, about 7:00 - 8:00.

What exercises do you recommend me to do for length gains?

Thank you.

LOT is meaningless. Wearing the extender for 1 month is not enought to see gains, doesn’t make a whole difference if you wear it 3 hours per day or 8, you’ll (probably) see gains only after several months with it. Has you girth changed?

Thank you, yes my girth is growing, its probably because it is swollen by the Jelqs.

Mine is 5.8 x 5.5, is really thick but not large. Probable because of that my length will take more to grow.

If your girth is growing but length is the same, total volume is growing. Cut jelqs in half and do manual stretching instead than extending, see where it carries you in a couple of months.

I’m beginning with 10 mins of manual stretching before jelqing, less jelqing. I have noticed that I can enlarge the pro-extender more than before, probably its more elastic now. Hope that’s a good sign.

Is it true that if I the jelqs are with less erection level they are better for length?

Thanks very much.

‘Is it true that if I the jelqs are with less erection level they are better for length?’

Many believe so. Hard to tell for sure though.

I would do jelqs before stretching if you are after length, but this is just an opinion too.

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